Friday, October 23, 2009

Karroubi the Lion Heart at Press Exhibition

Hired thugs attacked 71 year old Karroubi the courageous at the Press Fair today but people responded by defending Karroubi. Today's Press Fair became another display of Green unity against the coup administration and its hired thugs. Moussavi will attend the Press Fair tomorrow.

Update: The Russian official representing the Russia desk at the Press fair ran away when he heard the crowds chant 'Down with Russia'


Anonymous said...

The brave old lor..

Anonymous said...

karroubi is just a part of this evil regime - he is the acceptable face of Islamism and a wily politician who sees that there is more mileage in backing the Greens. Iran needs a root and branch change away from Islamism not a tired old mullah like Karroubi.

Azarmehr said...

'He sees there is more mileage in backing the Greens' He is risking his life at the age of 71 when he could have just comfortably stepped aside and you post as anonymous.

Politics is the art of what is possible on the ground, not what we wish to send in an email or a comment.

Anonymous said...

azarmehr who are you to decide what is possible on the ground? and if you are advocating compomise with Islamists like Karroubi why do you label this site as one that stands for a democratic secular Iran?! maybe you need to look upm the world secular.

the crimes of the Islamic Republic wont be washed away by the forced concessions made to Iranians by a washed up Islamist like Karroubi.

Azarmehr said...

Actually I dont decide what is possible so let me know who the leadership of the Green Movement should be and what alternatives you have to Karroubi and Moussavi inside Iran on the ground?

Secondly secular does not mean that there will be no clerics I think you have misunderstood secular.

I find people like you who leave such anon comments full of cyber bravado but not much else.

farhad said...

It isn’t about 'no clerics'. 'Secular' democracy means not mixing religion with politics. If this is what anon meant then I agree. Does karoubi want Islam and politics separated?

karoubi and mousavi are toothless tigers, and arent interested in changing the Islamic regime. No alternative to islamic regime, in a form of a secular democracy, can come from a regime insider. Maybe only if a regime insider is promised a position of power in a future regime or govt. If Iranians inside Iran truly want a secular democracy, they’ll have to look for support from the people, and fight for it despite karoubi or mousavi.

Secondly, there is no less bravado from those sitting safely behind their computers blogging away or going to demos in NY or London; this includes you potkin. Want to participate for real, then, we should all go to Iran.

Thirdly, you always attack those who aren’t your cyber or real life ‘friends’ and who disagree with your views, or disagree with what or who YOU choose to promote, by picking on their anonymous comments. How do you know anon is not a real life pro democracy activist doing his or her bit in whatever capacity? But, your continuous attacks say a lot about you. Is your name really potkin azarmehr? If you don’t like anon comments, change the comment options of your secular democracy for Iran blog or don’t publish ANY comments by those who aren’t known to you.

Azarmehr said...


Hooray lets find another leadership inside Iran who has the same courage as Karroubi. Can you name anyone?? Oh! So this is the best we have at the moment lets move forward with this and not weaken the movement and make people despondent. If you do you are as much a traitor as a Baseej member.

You will find that the most ideological dictatorships in history start to crack with the help of insiders, if you knew anything about the art of the revolution, you would understand that you have to allow for the establishment figures to slide away, otherwise you keep it strong and consolidated.

farhad said...

Karoubi is not under any direct threats from the regime itself, unlike what you and a few others keep saying. How many times have we heard karoubi or mousavi are going to be arrested or tried?

If the regime wanted them out, they would’ve been conveniently gotten rid of months ago, mafia clans attacking each other or someone from the mob with a knife. Who knows, they are all very innovative when it comes to dispensing with REAL threats.

Karoubi at moment is part of a group of protected species, like mousavi, by the regime. Karoubi wants to IMPROVE the standing of the Islamic regime in the eye of the people. He is improving his standing with people too; that’s his future salvation, he thinks. He may change his support for Khomeini, Islamic revolution and more in time when he think it’s a good time.

Yeah, politics is an art. It is an art that Islamic regime, with the help of people such as you, has practiced and elevated to an art form for decades.

We have a choice. WE don’t have to make a choice between AN and karoubi. If anything, people like you lead protestors astray, instilling false hopes through a mojahed eslami from Islamic Republic and when nothing real happens, YOU are the one who makes people feel despondent.

Movement? What movement, Green Movement? karoubi and mousavi Green movement? A real pro secular democracy movement has very little to do with karoubi or mousavi. There are other ‘leaders’ but I won’t name them for obvious reasons. That’s why I said before, if Iranians want a serious secular democracy, they should gain as much support from as many people as possible in Iran and outside, DESPITE karoubi or mousavi. Understand?

I came back from Iran five weeks ago. Been to Iran lately? When you do go back and spend some time learning and absorbing what is going on there first hand, then we may have a more in tune convo.

Do me a favor, don’t lecture me on revolutions. What is taking place in Iran has no precedence. Karoubi is no less ideological than Khamenei.

Azarmehr said...

'There are other ‘leaders’ but I won’t name them for obvious reasons'

QED I think

Anonymous said...

No Azarmehr. Farhad is correct when he criticises your attempts to "Lionise" an old Islamist fart like Karroubi. Mousavi is no better he is up to his neck in the blood of innocents. These thugs are not even like a Yeltsin or a Putin who came long after the crimes of the regimes they were part of they are amongst the original criminals of the Islamic Dictatorship.

Think for a moment of all the mothers who had their sons and daughters stoned to death, hung from trailers, executed, tortured, raped, ... what are you contending that these two criminals are lions because now 30 years after these crimes started by them are weighing heavily on their conscience?!

Tell us Azarmehr what were these two thugs doing for the past 30 years when they were part and parcel of every crime committed by the fascist Islamic Republic?

Its clear to me Azarmehr that you have lost your way when you act as their cheer leader in your comments.

These two are just 2 opportunists and if people are chanting their names in Iran its because its still too dangerous to chant anyone elses or to go out and say down with Islamic Republic. But that day is soon coming and you are not helping by the aggressive tone in your comments.

The Islamic Republic is on its way out. In fact Islam as part of the governing system of Iran is finished. The masjeds and mullahs will remain but no one will care about them and what they do and say. They have had their time to define what Islamic government was all about – and it proved itself to be nothing more than a catalogue of crimes. That is what the chant “Si Sal Faqat Jenayat” means.

No one believes in Iranian Islamists anymore they just don’t have the ability to voice this yet. Soon they will and all the Islamists and their mealy mouthed supporters will have to face this fact.

Azarmehr said...

As you say right now people chant Moussavi and Karroubi's name, there is no one else at the forefront. Certainly not you and farhad who are anonymous cyberspace warriors. Until the time a more favourable leader emerges this is the way to go forward whether you like it or not. That 'old fart' that you mention has more guts in his fingernail than you and Farhad put together and at the age of 71 he is taking the gravest risks. That 'old fart' will be registered in Iran's history as a national hero with or without clerical robes.

farhad said...

‘Certainly not you and Farhad who are anonymous cyberspace warriors.’

You are an ANONYMOUS cyberspace warrior POTKIN, face it. Is your real name potkin azarmehr? When was the last time you were in Iran?

‘As you say right now people chant Moussavi and Karroubi's name, there is no one else at the forefront.’

You are too obstinate to admit that NO ‘LEADER’ outside of Islamic regime can be OPENLY named a ‘LEADER’. Islamic regime has arrested or killed REAL threats, and will kill or arrest REAL leaders or threats, as usual.

Have you been to Iran lately? Yes or No? Then REVEAL your source(s), just as you asked me to name other than mousavi or karoubi ‘leaders’.

Do mousavi and karoubi want a separation of Islam (religion) and Politics? What makes you think karoubi or mousavi will bring about real change in Iran, outside of Islamic regime? A theory about ‘revolutions’, your jibe is NOT good enough. It is a theory not applicable to Iran situation. Go To Iran, and then make theoretical assertions.

Why hasn’t Islamic Regime killed or silenced mousavi or karoubi? Why are they permitted to promote Khomeini and his Islamic revolution? Why have they been permitted to pledge allegiance to the Supreme Leader Khomeini and Khamenei? Can you tell us?

If you don’t understand or don’t want to accept these, then you are either stupid or on side of Islamic regime. My bet is you’re an Islamic regime supporter who pretends to be a secular democrat.

I’ll go with your flow, see what karoubi or mousavi, YOUR LEADERS, can do, as you say, they are “forefront of leadership”. Don’t shed crocodile tears when people are arrested, raped, tortured in Iran for your cause.

Good Luck to you, and your Islamic regime Leadership of karoubi and mousavi.

Azarmehr said...

SHUT UP 'Farhad' you tart! There are only four Potkins from Iran, I have a picture, there is film footage of me, I have been in the papers, on TV, on Radio, people have seen me turn up in places, at public gatherings, in protests, I am not just a name behind a comment post like you. If you exist, come to Piccadilly tomorrow at 1 PM and stand up to the AL-Mohajeroun and stand up to me you pathetic coward.

Last time I was in Iran as it says on my blog was during the cultural revolution, so what??

Good luck to you and your non-existent leadership that no one knows about or has heard of.

farhad said...

Calling me a ‘tart’ isn’t gonna help you TART. Very predictable of you.

Not relevant how many people have seen 'you' in demos. Go to Iran and help if you're for real, and game, or don't accuse others of 'cyber warriors', you're no less so. Many go to demos outside Iran. You like to promote yourself, you're ambitious, aren't you?

Is your name potkin azarmehr. Yes or No? A direct question needs a direct reply.

You don’t answer many direct questions asked of you here, and you are evasive to a high degree. You are leading Iranians up the wrong path.

I expect you gradually changing your tune in months to come. But, understand that you will be seen as an Islamic regime supporter of mousavi and karoubi for many Iranians.

Azarmehr said...

'Farhad?' the cyber tart, you know where I will be tomorrow. You can ask me anything you like there face to face. Meanwhile the direct answer to your question is YES. What is your name? do you have a surname? Do you know who your father is? DO you have a picture of yourself? is there a link you can give us where it shows you as a real person and not an invented computer game character? martikeh kos keshe bi khayeh.

farhad said...

'Meanwhile the direct answer to your question is YES.'

Yes to what potkin? So many questions and your answer to ALL OF them is YES?!

'Do you know who your father is?'

Do you have a thing about your father? 'martikeh kos keshe bi khayeh.'? I bet you take after him, "mar'di"keh....

UNbecoming of you and what you advocate. Maybe not, maybe very becoming for a mollah supporter and thug like you mar'di'keh.

Azarmehr said...

yA fardA mibinamet yA khafeh khoon begir bemir.

barmakid said...


You may be right, but ultimately it comes down to a simple concept: The regime's choice, as you say, to allow Mousavi and Karroubi to prance around and proclaim their opposition can very well have unintended consequences.

Very much like the debates that took place before the election. Don't you find it kind of ironic that all this public opposition was probably put into motion by Ahmadinejad's surprising, no holds-bar debate style?

Do you think that was spontaneous? Do you think that the higher-ups (like Khamenei didn't know that Ahmadinejad was going to attack his opponents like that?) Of course they did: statistics were printed out before hand, and yes, even a picture of Mousavi's wife:)

The verbal attacks against Rafsanjani and Rezai were premeditated and were probably intended to serve some other political goal, maybe a personal one. (consider why someone like Rezai (former IRGC commander) would denounce the election results and imply that the government is illegitimate; personal vendetta maybe?)If you follow Islamic Republic politics you would know a lot of the political posturing is personal. Yet, these actions unwittingly engendered a movement that, to be sure, is far from being fabricated, controllable, or predictable.

Furthermore, I find it very comforting that there is not one dominant leader of this movement.

We've seen what can happen when that takes place:) This is truly a grassroots movement, and it is my hope that the grassroots will become the government.

I hope that we will no longer invest our hopes and desires in single men, but into a democratic system. And if along the way we must support Mousavi or Karroubi, then so be it.


Anonymous said...

Im very dissapointed in you Potkin calling farhads father a pimp just because he disagrees with your absurb position on Karroubi. Karroubi is a criminal. That much is clear. As for fathers - where does the name Potkin come from. Sounds Russian to me. Marg bar Roosieh indeed!

Anonymous said...

have you forgotten what a corrupt criminal Karroubi is?!! Have you forgotten the $6,000,000 bribe he recieved from Shahram Jazayeri Arab? What is the matter with you Potkin!!

Azarmehr said...

when did I call his father apimp you fucking idiot??

ANd if you think Potkin is a Russian name then it goes to show how clued on you are. Marg bar khenge khodA

Azarmehr said...

So you know all th eins and outs of this bribe? A bribe is normally when you pay someone to get a favour done. What did Shahram Jazayeri want in return? Let me know.

You know the fault of th elikes of you is that your focus is always on teh past. In Afghanistan all judgements are made on what ethnic tribe you are form with the likes of you its always what did so and so do in the past?

98% of people took part in the referendum 30 years ago and voted for Islamic Republic will you never forgive them and allow them back to join the movement?

I just asked my 12 year old son to give an example of someone who has mended his way he immediately mentioned Nicky Cruz. Go and search for him in Wikipedia and try to educate yourself to the level of my 12 year old son.

If Karroubi has committed crimes in teh past, a fair trial will see to that in the future, but to get to that point we need all teh help we can get and right now itrs KAROUBI who has guts and discloses teh crimes that were committed after the election fraud not an anonymous coward like you.