Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Getting Ready for 4th November

There was a time when the Islamic Republic basked in its official days. Through its sophisticated rent a crowd techniques, the regime would bring out large crowds who would chant the official slogans and hold up the official banners and placards. Now days the official days have become a nightmare for the regime, just as the Al-Quds Day parades proved to be. The official days actually provide a good cover as to why people should come on the streets and when people find strength in numbers the official day becomes a protest day. See how the Qods Day became Iran Day here.

The next day of protests is now 4th November, it is the National Pupils Day and it also coincides with taking over the US embassy in Tehran and its staff as hostages in 1980 by students who were being manipulated by the hardliners to hijack the revolution.

There will be protests inside Iran and there will be solidarity actions outside Iran. We want as many non-Iranians and people of different nationalities to join the solidarity actions. Lets remind the world leaders that the movement inside Iran is alive and if they deal with the coup administration they will be dealing with losers and they will be remembered as the enemies of our people. One of the main slogans will be 'Obama yA bA oonA - yA bA mA' Obama, you are either with them or with us.

Of course lets not forget the regime is preparing for 4th November as well. Here are pictures of their anti-riot manoeuvres in Isfahan designed to scare the population.


Anonymous said...

Yes we are indeed supporting Iran http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FGipO6yCVN8

Anonymous said...

we will be there http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FGipO6yCVN8

Winston said...

This is gonna be a great day to show to the world that our movement is not dead and our demands must be met.