Monday, October 19, 2009

Neda's Mother Rejects Regime's Overtures

First they killed her daughter, Neda, then they denied there ever was a Neda and that the video was a fake. Then they stopped her from holding a proper ceremony to grieve the loss of her daughter. Even on the fortieth day anniversary of Neda's death, her family were prevented from attending her daughter's grave.

When Arash Hejazi, the doctor who witnessed Neda's death came to England,they said the doctor is a fugitive wanted by the Iranian intelligence minister and the Interpol. A claim which was repeated by their puppet Press TV and despite numerous complaints, the dubious OFCOM watchdog, has remained silent. Interpol almost immediately denied that they had anyone called Arash Hejazi on their wanted list, but they did have several officials of the Islamic Republic including a minister on their wanted list.

Then they concocted the most bizarre story of them all, that the BBC had paid hitmen to kill Neda and filmed the killing. Neda's fiancée, Caspian Makan, was arrested and tortured to make him say it was the MeK who had killed his fiancée. The Islamic Republic ambassador to Mexico,Mohammad Hassan Ghadiri, suggested it was the CIA who killed Neda.

But bad liars soon dig their own graves, for there was an easy answer to all these ludicrous claims, if Neda's murder was an international plot, then why not hail her as a martyr of the Islamic Republic? Surely if Neda was killed by the international enemies of the Islamic Republic, the state should show as much reaction as it did towards the tragic murder of the Egyptian Muslim woman, Marwa Al-Sherbini.

So after all these preposterous claims, they have tried to offer Neda's family money. A sick overture which was promptly and swiftly rejected by Neda's mother as shown in this interview.

'Neda died for her country not so that I could get a monthly income from the Martyr Foundation. If these officials say Neda was a martyr why do they keep wiping off the word martyr which people write in red on her gravestone?..Neda died like Sohrab and Ashkan and the other kids, there was no plot'


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You wrote about it more comprehensive and nicer than me. Here is something the same in Persian with links to their original equivocatory claims:

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