Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Former Rapist and Armed Robber is Appointed as the New Commander of Baseej

Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Naghdi is the Supreme Leader's newly appointed head of the much hated Baseej militia. He is born in Najaf, Iraq and is part of the Iraqi migrants who came to Iran known as Moavedin.

Naghdi has an extensive track record of brutal torture and violence, even rape and armed robbery against ordinary citizens. He first became a public figure during the trial of Tehran's successful and competent mayor, Gholamhossein Karbaschi and his deputies in 1997 who were subjected to horrific tortures. Naghdi personally supervised the brutal interrogations at what became known as the Vessal detention.

Naghdi was the key organiser of the pressure group Ansar Hezbollah, which attacked political rallies and meetings in the late 90s including the raid on student dormitories in 1999.

In 2001, a series of armed robberies gripped Tehran and became known as the chain armed robberies. One robbery however led to the disclosure of General Naghdi himself in the robberies. Police were alerted by a neighbour when a wealthy Iranian merchant's house was being robbed, but the merchant was lucky because his daughter was married to an officer in the air forces. Police arrested the robbers but they were quickly released. As a result of the merchant's connections in the armed forces, he was encouraged to make a complaint in the courts. The merchant's son-in-law also took the complaint to the president's office and to Karroubi's office as well as the parliament's article 90 commission, which investigated complaints against the judiciary. As a result of the merchant's persistence, the investigations revealed that Genral Naghdi and eight members of the Law Enforcement Forces were behind more than 100 armed robberies, 13 murders and many cases of rape against ordinary citizens.

Naghdi was tried behind closed doors and sentenced to three months prison but the sentence was never carried out and although he was removed from his office, he became a special advisor on military affairs to the Supreme Leader.

In 2005 when Ahmadinejad became the president of the Islamic Republic, Naghdi was appointed as the head of the Committee to Combat the Drug and Currency Commodity Smuggling. In reality however Naghdi wasn't there to 'Combat' the smugglers, as Karroubi previously revealed in the parliament, the Revolutionary Guards themselves were carrying out the smuggling. An operation which nets an estimated annual income of 8 Billion dollars for the IRGC. Naghdi was merely protecting the smugglers not combating them.

Iran is now ruled by the most criminal elements in the society who instead of being behind bars, head the very establishments which are supposed to protect the public.


Mehrtash said...

Great expose.

Sigh...How can, and when will, justice be brought to the people of Iran? The Iranian government needs to be purged and cleansed of this filth.

Sohrab said...

Ditto Mehrtash.

By the way, Kafka and Orwell couldn't come up with this shit even if they tried!

Anonymous said...

I don't know what to say. I feel paraliZed. The more I read things like that I believe we need a war after all. How the hell are we ever going to defeat these organized son of the bitches by non military means?


SZ said...

Do you have any sources for any of these things? You just post shit and don't post a single reputable source.

And for your information, the Basij are the ones that fought for Iran during the war against Iraq. They are the ones that laid down their life so that Iran would push Saddam back. You accusations of the Basij are not only unfounded, but idiotic. Just because you don't like them as a dissident, doesn't mean that the people of Iran don't support them.

Neda Mehregan said...

This is the proof that Iran is under occupation. Many of top figures are either Iraqi Arab or have Lebanese connections. Khamenie is relying on these Arabs, many of whom head the Basijis, to implement his vile policies of raping and looting the country.
These people are the enemies of Iran and the Iranian people and we must not let them win. Iranian people are once again relying on their national identity and ancient civilisation to pull them through. We shall overcome.

Azarmehr said...

Shervin Zeinalizaeh,

That Baseej that you are talking about is not the same Baseej now. Not one of my friends who were Baseej during the war are pro the regime now. Theh Baseej now is thugs and hoodlums and beasts with either no brain or no conscience.

Re the evidence of the above what can I do if you can't read Persian and don't read the dailies, here are some references, you can ask a friend who reads Persian to translate, if you have any friends that is:

start with this one from 7 years ago:







This one is in English so your Iriah mother can eread it too


Neda Mehregan said...

SZ is obviously Hezbollahi; I've just come back from Iran and can tell you that Iranian people hate the basiji henchmen.
Those basijis who fought the Iraqis were not of the same breed of these animals;
These are paid 4 times the average wages in order to brutally crush all opposition. They are not fighting a foreign enemy any more but killing the Iranian people. The only people who are supporting them are other basijis and Khamenei.
Were you covering your ears when the crowds were chanting: "Basiji vahshi shodeh, Basiji vahshi shodeh!" These clips are on You Tube and Facebook from inside Iran since you are asking for proof my friend.
Open your eyes and educate yourself. It is not the time to deceive yourself or to plead ignorance.

SZ said...


Its funny, your post is almost an exact copy of roozonline. Bottom line, these sites are all dissident sites that have their own agenda.

I find it interesting also you bring up articles about 6 years ago and claim that is news or relevant today.

You are a liar, you don't have any friends that are basij, because if you did, you would know that the basij are the guardians of the people and have protected us from the enemy. Its like saying the marines from 1944 are not the same marines that are fighting today. Its completely absurd. The Basij were founded to save iran from being conquered, the fact that you aim to taint their name with your false claims and lies is disgusting.

Azarmehr said...

Shervin Zeinalizadeh

Looks like you only managed to read the roozonline which was in English. These things were published in Iranian dailies but it looks like you haven't been reading even the Iranain newspapers in the last 10 years. The stuff I sent you from 7 years ago, was to show you that these are nit stuff that have been made up overnight.

Here is the name of just one of my former Baseej friends, Hamid Alizadeh, who is now outside Iran. If you email me I can give you his phone number too. Now lets see if you can name one friend, Baseeji or non Baseeji, just so that we can see if you have any friends. :))

Neda Mehregan said...

Don't waste your breath on this guy Potkin; he's either getting paid by IRI or is brainwashed.
If you can not accept the truth Mr Shervin! then you have a problem.

Arash said...

Potkin, why are you wasting your time with this bifahm? Taraf adam besho nist! Do what Winston and I did and refuse to publish his comments. We too gave him ample chances to put across his point of view, but his aggressiveness and rudeness are really unwarranted and they drag down the quality of your blog. Be rid of him for once and for all.

Aside from that, good work as usual, Basij is amongst the most corrupt and degenerate organisations in the world and must be disbanded.


SZ said...


So anyone who disagrees with you is brainwashed or being paid?

I can make the same claim about you. you are either brainwashed or being paid by the mujahedeen kalq.

Its a joke. You don't know anything about Iran. I bet you don't live in Iran and are just talking from what you hear from third parties. Like I said before and many times before that, Iranians for the majority support their government. They may not be completely happy with it, but they don't want to change the government into a western style secular democracy.

Get over it, stop dehumanizing people that disagree with you and maybe the world will take you seriously, there is a reason you are called dissidents, because you are in the minority and have no real support inside iran.

and for the last fucking time. my name is not shervin!!! there are people in the world that have SZ as their initials and are not named shervin! idiots.

Azarmehr said...

well what is your fucking name? They could not have called you SZ surely!

And as I suspected you couldn't name any friends either.

Neda Mehregan said...

I don't live in Iran because I am a dissident. What about you? If you love the basijis so much and support them why don't you go to Iran and join them?
And if the majority of Iranians support their Govt, who were the millions who came out after the elections? Were they the minority?
Even if they were the minority, should they not have a say in how their country is run? Should they be clubbed to death?

barmakid said...


The marines form 1944 are NOT the same marines that are fighting today, fool. And you're negligent misunderstanding of history is clear in your statement about what something from 6 years ago has to do with today. You must think that only things from the immediate past have anything to do with the present. Again, the word "fool" comes to mind.

Either way, you're an entirely misinformed individual. And if you're not misinformed you have an agenda that flies in the face of human rights.

And you're god damn right the dissidents have an agenda, they would be worthless dissidents if they didn't. Part of that agenda is to marginalize and destroy the significance of people who think like you.

The basij are the protectors of the people? HAHAHA You're a joke buddy. I can't even bring myself to seriously respond to that statement.

Even if your view that "a majority of the Iranian people support their government and don't want a western-style secular democracy were true," I would respond that universal truth is not measured in mass appeal. Ex. A majority of Germans supported Hitler (a light bulb should be turning on in your head right about now).

But nonetheless, you pulled that statement out of your ass and it has no basis in reality (only your reality). No one can tell me what a majority of Iranians want, not you, not Khatami, not Mousavi, not Ahamdinejad, and definitely not Khamenei - NO ONE. But there should be no doubt that all humanity seeks JUSTICE and Iranians wouldn't be human if they did not seek justice.

Hey Azarmehr, remember those rich kids they were talking about at the beginning of this uprising? I think we just found one, but surprise! this one is a rich jomhoori islami supporter :)) Oh, the irony...

All in all SZ, you are either young and naive or old and stupid.



- "Don't ever doubt that a small group of citizens can change the world. You know why?"

- "Because that's the only way it's ever been done."

barmakid said...

Speaking of dissidents...

Obama was a dissident.

Hugo Chavez was a dissident.

Simon Bolivar was a dissident.

Khomeini was a dissident.

Eva Morales was a dissident.

The Dali Lama is a dissident.

Mao ZeDong was a dissident.

Martin Luther King Jr. was a dissident.

Malcolm X was a dissident.

And the BEST one for last:


But you SZ, you're an idiot.


Rostam Farrokhzad said...

Do not waste your time and breath on a Basiji supporter like SZ. He is an enemy of Iran. The people of Iran are on a path to self liberation. All these oppressive foes like the Basiji, Ansar e Hezbollah, Police, Sercret Services, hired thugs and killers will soon be cleared out of Iran regardless of what a traitor like SZ says here.

SZ be warned your days of oppresing the people of Iran with your filthy mindset are numbered.

The days of cutting off peoples hands, stoning them to death, hanging them from cranes, raping them, executing them, cutting their throats, cutting their tongues, stealing from them, oppressing them, torturing them .... these days are numbered.


SZ said...

Ok, you are truly ridiculous, but i will give it one more shot to correct you.

You say you dont live in Iran.....great, that proves my point. And for the record, I live in Tehran, I was born here. My mother is from abadan, and my father is from Tabriz. I travel to the United States and Europe for my job but I live in Tehran.

Its Ironic you say I should join the Basiji...my uncle, joined them and fought and died in the Iran Iraq war. My cousin who at the time was 16, fought and died in the war. My father served in the war and survived 4 long years against Iraq. Don't talk down to the very people who fought for our country just because you live abroad and don't like my government.

This next quote is a classic....

"And if the majority of Iranians support their Govt, who were the millions who came out after the elections? Were they the minority?
Even if they were the minority, should they not have a say in how their country is run?"

The people that came into the streets may have been millions, let's just say it was 2 million. Iran has 70 million people, how about the other 68 million? Do they not count? So what if 2 million people came out into the streets, their candidate LOST the election. They were upset, and had every right to be upset, but they lost and thats it.

And when people are the minority and they lose elections, they usually don't have a say in the government until the next election. Thats the basic tenet of elections!!! When Democrats lost the presidency to Pres. Bush in 2000 ,they lost their control and therefore their power to control the government for the next 8 years. That's the whole point. People vote, the winners control the government, the losers don't!

What is your beef with that?

SZ said...

And Potkin,

I don't have to give you my name in order for us to have debates!

SZ said...


you stopped publishing posts of mine on your blog because you can't debate them.

You blame Iran for the war of aggression that Iraq waged against us!

You said that iran was wrong in wanting to destroy saddam and that we should have just accepted the cease fire offered in 1982. You also said, and I quote: "It would have saved many Iraqi lives..." are you fucking kidding me? You wanted us to accept a cease fire after the INVADED us because it would have saved Iraqi lives? WOW, if ever there was a traitor, you are it.

Not publishing my posts makes you weak and unable to retort my argument. keep diminishing yourself and your movement, maybe one day you will change Iran...NOT..hahaha..loser.

Azarmehr said...

Shervin Zeinalizadeh,

Thats great, you must be very proud of your uncle and your cousin, as we all are. We salute them, most of us lost a relative during the war against Saddam, but you mustn't be ashamed of them, let us know their names so they will be remembered.

Winston said...

And he is an Iraqi

Arash said...

SZ Koskhol:

Get your facts right, I said prolonging the war "lead to the deaths of many INNOCENT lives, Iranian and Iraqi". I don't diffrentiate between innocent human beings, be they Iraqi, Iranian or English. Yes, you're right I wish that murderer Khomeini had accepted the ceasefire AND compensation, cause guess what, that would have helped our people more than six years of pointless attrition warfare did.

Also: I don't publish your comments on my blog because you are an exceptionally rude individual. In the first post of my blog I wrote that I wanted people to be civil to one and another. You broke that rule, so you are banned, simple as.


Neda Mehregan said...

You are not Iranian at all are you? You are British. You can't even read or write Farsi.
If you are British, we can forgive you as you have spread your agents all over Iran, and let's face it; you are one of them.
"2 million came out and what about the other 68m" You must be an idiot if you think 68m are going to come out!! 2m came out in Tehran alone and probably several more millions from all over Iran.
I think you can safely say it was a tremendous show of feeling and opposition to the coup d'etat Gov.
"And their candidate lost the election"; Well the Gov stole it you mean. As they announced the results even before the end of voting. Afghan election results with less than half the population of Iran took weeks to come out.
You just don't want to admit the truth, do you?
But you are British so go back to your den and continue to sabotage our country.

SZ said...


You are truly one of a kind. People like you, are more than just idiots, they are ignoramuses. Let's first define "Dissident" and then we can move on with the rest of your stupid argument.

"A person who formally opposes the current political structure, opposes the political group in power, opposes the policies of the political group."

You are absolutely wrong, the marines from 1944, are not the same people literally you idiot. They are the same organization, the same values, and and same beliefs, they are in the end, Volunteers who love America and want to fight for it. That is a fact, not something you can argue with.

I never said something from 6 years ago doesn't have to do anything with today, but I did say that news from 6 years ago does not mean the same thing is true today or even happening today. Don't distort my argument kid, you're an idiot.

And this whole idea about human rights is great, and I agree that it is absolutely necessary for people to have human rights.

The Basij fought for Iran and protected Iran against invasion. say what you will, in your demented world view, they may not be, the truth is they are.

You claim that a majority of Germans supported Hitler? That is categorically false! Hitler NEVER attained a majority in Parliament, in fact, he had to stage a coup d'etat to gain complete power. Don't distort history to meet your needs, you're an IDIOT!

And truth is not measured in mass appeal, you are right, but the majority decide what the truth is, thats the way the world works. Based on your argument that NOBODY can say what the Iranians want, then we have to stop blogging in support or against Iran's government because nobody is qualified to talk on such matters. You're an idiot, you claim that NOBODY has the right or the information to be able to speak accurately on the needs of Iran or the wants of Iran. Not even the elected government!!!??

And by all accounts, you are a "kid" and you probably live in Europe and live a comfortable life, in your free time, you probably curse Iran and its system but you don't dare to go to Iran and see the truth. I on the other hand, live in Iran, my family died in Iranian wars against Iraq, I have lived here my whole life, Born and raised. It's easy to be an internet tough guy, in the end, thats all you are.

And your argument about famous historical people being dissidents is partially true and false. Obama was NOT a dissident, he was a fucking senator in the very system he now leads.

Dissidents like you don't really want human rights in Iran, you just want Iran to be what YOU want it to be. You don't care about what Iranians living in Iran want, that would be to much to ask.

Go ahead and pursue your human rights from England, maybe one day you'll get somewhere.

barmakid said...

Oh I live in Iran! Oh oh oh... bla bla bla. Here we go with that nonsense again... it's kind of funny though. It exemplifies your puerility. But hey, as long as it makes you feel better buddy.

About the marines, that was the point Azarmehr made you fool. That the Basij from the Iraq war are not the same men "protecting" the people now. Also, the marines from 1944 were not volunteers, they were largely drafted. And you say that they "love freedom?" haha you sound like George Bush.

Point: Barmakid.

AMERICAN HERITAGE DICTIONARY definition of "dissident":

"Disagreeing, as in opinion or belief" or "One who disagrees; a dissenter"

But even if we used your definition:

"A person who formally opposes the current political structure, opposes the political group in power, opposes the policies of the political group."

Did Obama not oppose the Republican Party (the political group in power)? Did he not rail against "politics as usual" and call for the reformation of our political structure (the constitution itself)? Did he not oppose the policies at the time (the war in Iraq, don't ask don't tell, etc.)?

I think you're confusing iconoclast with dissident. You can be a senator and be a dissident: Just take a look at the Vermont delegation :))

Point: Barmakid.

As far as Hitler having a majority in parliament - that's a straw man. You know nothing of the nuances of the Nazi Parliamentary system. For example, a majority of people voted for Al Gore - yet he was not president. Nuances my friend, political nuances.

Point: Barmakid

England? Haha. Okay, we'll just go with that - I live in England.

I don't understand how someone who spent their whole life in Iran exalts the marines as some sort of defenders of freedom. Makes no sense. Furthermore, you don't even read Farsi...

What am I saying, of course it makes sense - you live in the United States. Not that there's anything wrong with that...


p.s. Your damn right I want an Iran that's different and not the supposedly "Muslim" government that exists now.

I want my fellow countrymen to have freedom of speech.

I want my mother, khalehs, and female cousins to be able to wear what they choose when they leave their house.

I want students to be able to study the liberal arts.

I want my countrymen to have the right to assemble.

I want them to have the right to watch whatever they please.

I want them to be FREE. Maybe we should send in the Marines? Haha

Match: BarmaKID

barmakid said...

BTW, Germany was effectively a one-party state by 1933 - so your claim that Hitler never had a majority is a red herring. Just wanted to clear that up professor SZ.

SZ said...

HAHAHAHAHA..you think you won the match because you make idiotic and factually incorrect points? are you serious?

let's go through it again.

The basij are the same organization that defended iran against Iraq. You are an idiot of you try and deny that.

And on the Marines, you are wrong, in 1944, the US had a large number of volunteers in the army and all branches of the military. Deny that all you want, it doesnt change the facts.

You define something from the American Heritage Dictionary? Really? Why not use webster's?

"disagreeing especially with an established religious or political system, organization, or belief"

You mention that Obama was against the Republican Party, he railed against politics as usual, and called for reform. Great ill give you those, those are facts. But he is NOT against the political system, he is not and never has against the political system, he never advocates changing the constitution. The definition of dissident is someone who primarily wants to change the established religious or POLITICAL SYSTEM. No US senator or congressman advocates changing the system, or the political establishment, they just advocate changing parties. There is a huge difference in that. Off course, i don't expect you to understand that.

"As far as Hitler having a majority in parliament - that's a straw man. You know nothing of the nuances of the Nazi Parliamentary system. For example, a majority of people voted for Al Gore - yet he was not president. Nuances my friend, political nuances."

So my fact about Hitler and the Parliament in Germany who at that time was NOT Nazi is a straw man? But your idiotic comparison of a direct parliamentary election to an indirect republic election such as the one in the United States is ok? Are you fucking kidding? Al Gore did win the majority of the vote, but the electoral college is the deciding factor in the US. In Germany at the time, it was DIRECT elections that determined the number of seats you get in parliament. Hitler in 1932 only got 36% of the vote when he ran for President. In fact, his party in 1933 had only about 240 seats in Parliament. It was then and only then he could ask to be appointed chancellor.

You have shown yourself to be an ignoramus. A quick read of wikipedia could educate you, try it.

And for the record, I never exalted the Marines, I just pointed out that they are volunteers just like the Basij are. If you call that exalted, then I guess I did.

And who the fuck ever said I don't read Farsi? Did you just pull that out of your ass? Seriously? Talk about straw man.

This one takes the cake, you say that NOBODY can talk for anyone in Iran, and that noone essentially has any authority to talk for anyone in Iran or claim they know what people want, and then you go on this little bitch rant....

"I want my fellow countrymen to have freedom of speech.
I want my mother, khalehs, and female cousins to be able to wear what they choose when they leave their house.
I want students to be able to study the liberal arts.
I want my countrymen to have the right to assemble.
I want them to have the right to watch whatever they please.
I want them to be FREE. Maybe we should send in the Marines? "

You have no right to presume to know what people want. Furthermore, its not what you want, its what the majority wants, and in 1979, Iranians chose Khomeini and our current Islamic Government. Iranians have systematically denounced what YOU want kid, its not important. Get over it, what you want is not important, its what Iranians want, and based on your previous statements, its best you shut the fuck up.

ps. and don't be childish and idiotic and compare a debate to a tennis match, the only thing you ever win is a date with you right hand.

Peace kid.

SZ said...

Ummmm...Neda khar....My name is Sasan. Thats where the S in "SZ" comes from. And yes, I am Iranian. What gives you the right to even begin to judge me from your porch in the UK? Seriously, you're an idiot.

Who ever said I can't read or write Farsi? Where did that ever come from? Who ever claimed it?

Um, and about your argument honey, during the revolution..you know the real one that kicked out your lowlife shah, about 10 million out of a country of 30 million would rally around the country. Thats 30% if you can't do that math.

When people are really opposed to something, they will show up. You claim that 2 million came out in Tehran....Tehran has a population of 13 million!! Hell, they can't even get 30% of Tehranians to show up and protest. So don't try and tell me that the country supports your idiotic cause and candidate.

And you claim the Government stole it, prove it. Go ahead, prove it. When Khatami won 60% of the vote in his elections, no one came out and said it was fraud, hell, Ahmadinejad won 62% the first time he ran during the runoff in 2005, nobody said it was fraud then, but this time its fraud? No, your candidate lost, deal with it. If you can't prove that the election was stolen, then stop accusing people of it.

I think it's you that doesn't want to admit the truth about Iranians. You guys are dissidents for a reason......you are the MINORITY! get over it, and work to win the next election.

Rostam Farrokhzad said...

SZ say "I travel to the United States and Europe for my job but I live in Tehran." What do you do for a job you traitor - my money is that you work for Trita Parsi.

Moozdoour fakes like you are easy to spot a mile off. I see that you couldn't respond to my last message detailing all the crimes of the facist Islamists that rule Iran.

Cant you hear the chants of the UIranian peopel you pathetic agent? 30 sal faqat jenayat!

The days of criminals liek you ruling Iran are numbered. Pack your bags and call Trita Parsi - hewill have to give you apermanent room in his house in Washington DC you traitor.

SZ said...


Umm....i work for a major oil and gas company....I travel to Houston TX because it's the energy capital of the US. We have our N. American headquarters there.

And your rant about the crimes of Iran's government are just that...a rant. get over it and get lost.

I bet you're one of the ones who wants the Shah back and wants Iran to be a vassal to the United States.

You are the traitor, you are not an Iranian.

barmakid said...

One: Most Marines were NOT volunteers in 1944. Look it up.

Two: You clearly don't know what dissident means,

Three: I said what I, I repeat, what I want for Iran. I did not speak for anyone.

Four: Most of the Iranians who supported Khomeini, like the ones who supported a monarchy were fools. like yourself.

Five: About the basij, I feel like you have ADD or something. The basij during the IRaq war ARE NOT the same basij as now. They may be the same organization, but they are NOT the same people.

It's like the old Greek paradox. The Greeks wanted perserve a military ship for posterity, so every so often they had to replace a plank or another piece of the ship so as to preserve its condition. Eventually, all the ships parts were replaced. None of the original parts remained. Thus, the Greeks asked the question: IS it the same ship?

The End: I'm done with the basij question. You seem not to get the point.

Oh, I guess I was wrong. You're clearly not American if you think Webster's has more credibility than the American Heritage dictionary.

Also, no senator or congressman advocates changing the system? HAHA you clearly know nothing of American politics.

ALSO, "And who the fuck ever said I don't read Farsi? Did you just pull that out of your ass? Seriously? Talk about straw man."

I would look up the definition of a straw man. You pick, Websters or American Heritage: Just don't embarrass yourself again using it so incorrectly.

And did your English teacher in Iran teach you this expression, "This one takes the cake..." HAhaha
funny stuff.

As far as Hitler goes, way to copy and paste from wikipedia. I'll say it one more time: Political nuances.

And seriously, I implore you to recognize the difference between dissident and iconoclast. English clearly isn't your first language, so as a goodwill gesture I would inform you that dissident does not have a negative connotation.

So what if one is in the minority. Khomeini and his followers were in the minority when he was first exiled, yet he came back and prevailed. Your arrogance is dumbfounding to me. You are just like these Shah lovers, except you probably claim to be Muslim and support this supposedly Muslim government.


p.s. Rostam, harfeh alaki nazan. You and your anti-Arab, Shah loving crew know nothing about Trita Parsi. Don't compare this deusche of an Iranian (SZ) to Trita please. Thank you for your cooperation in advance.

Neda Mehregan said...

Well Shervin or Sasan whatever you say your name is: You obviously suffer from an acute "illusions de grandeur" my friend. You are employed by the regime to presumably go about and spread lies and propaganda all over or whatever. You should be supporting the mullahs; you are getting paid handsomely.
But you work for an illiterate, backward mullahs who last week declared war on his own country men and invited the basijis "not to wait for orders but to do what is necessary to crush opposition".
You work for his puppet, Ahamdi, who has a face like a monkey's ass.
You call these people "my government" and that "they have the support of the majority".
What planet are you on? Your position within the establishment, and the terrorist regime has obviously blinded you.
If Ahmadi is so popular how come he is transported by helicopter surrounded by dozens of body guards wherever he goes? You say the majority love him and he is their hero!!
The Iranian community , all over the world, has produced thousands of scholars, scientists, artists, professors, doctors and engineers. You mean to say there was no one better qualified to be our president than that clown?
The West has supported the Islamic regime because it is in their interest. That illiterate mullah and Ahmadi would not survive two days without the West's support. Do not sit too comfortably my friend as your time will soon be up.
You are party to a regime which has to resort to torture, murder and rape in order to stay in power. What are you so proud about?
"my country, my government".
What government? We don't have a government. What elections? you call that elections?
Rejecting over 450 candidates by a bunch of 80 year old mullahs and then proposing 4 candidates that THEY wanted. You call this free elections? "This is what the people want".
Shut the hell up ass hole. Neda was killed by a bastard basiji like you. His picture is all over the media. "Basijis are defending Iran." Like hell. They have been too busy clubbing and torturing people to defend anything.
You are turd under a true Iranian's shoe and you and your type bring shame to our country.
You are so ignorant that you can't even reason properly.
We don't have a government and we didn't have elections. People did not choose this joker but like everything else, this is forced upon them. A culture of force, intimidation, hypocrisy and bullying which is something you were obviously born into. This so called government which is responsible for torture, ,murder and rape is good enough for the likes of you.
At least I was brought up to know right from wrong. I feel sorry for you.