Friday, October 16, 2009

Green Became the Immortal Iran

Time for today's last post, and what better than this great motivational song. I will be listening to this while training tomorrow morning. I am sure it will boost my stamina.

In the dark silence of this green land,
A Green humming started
and touched our tired bodies
laughter blossomed from its warmth
and the world heard the chorus of our hopes
But the tyrants feared it
and fired their bullets at the flowers of the fatherland
and they ripped the hearts of the lovers
and so from the blood and the cries
Green became the immortal Iran again

Stay motivated everyone and keep your spirits up.


Hilda, said...

Sabz bashid.

Amir said...

I haven't stopped humming it since you put it on FB! :-)

Arash said...

Cool song :D

Certainly beats "Eye of the Tiger" or whatever people usually work out to :D


Sohrab said...

Thank you for this, Potkin.

Unknown said...

Nice rousing song.

Keep up the good work, Azarmehr :-)

Neda Mehregan said...

Great work; These people are so talented.