Sunday, October 25, 2009

Seven Causes of Forgetfulness

This clip from Islamic Republic's state TV broadcasting just goes to show the depth of the tragedy that has befallen the cultured and intelligent people of Iran. The TV presenter is quoting some Hadith from the prophet and he keeps repeating that the Hadith he is reading is a credible and verified one with numerous references that back it.

According to the Hadith and the state TV presenter, prophet Mohammad tells Imam Ali, his successor 'Ali, there are SEVEN causes that bring about forgetfulness'

So what are these SEVEN items that the prophet is supposed to have identified as the causes of forgetfulness :

1- Eating sour apples
2- Eating Coriander
3- Eating Cheese
4- Eating Mice droppings [The presenter adds that this may not be so relevant for us city dwellers but the countryside folk should pay more attention]
5- Reading the writings on graves
6- Walking between two women
7- Throwing lice
8- cupping behind the head
9- Urinating in still water

Apart form the above being the most ludicrous causes of forgetfulness you could ever come across, there appears to be 9 items and not 7?!

Then they wonder why people watch BBC and VOA!!


Mehrtash said...

What can I say? Iran has seen three revolutions in a century, and to what good? The Iranian people seem to be their own problem. Forgive me for harbouring such rage; it is only natural when such morons represent Iran and her government. And now there is news that another woman is to be stoned in Iran - even when there was a moratorium imposed on stoning.

All this is taking place in Iran, and no one can blame religion for it, nor its misinterpretation. It is the people who subscribe to it, and the sick villagers who are happy to cast the stones at a woman buried up to her chest in dirt, with a bag over her head.

Yes, there are seven causes of forgetfulness...Sigh.

Anonymous said...

And to think there are academics who support this regime

Sohrab said...

Perhaps Ahmadinejad and all the other lying liars who so vehemently deny having ever cheated in the recent election have eaten too many apples and too much cheese.

Azarmehr said...

Not mentioning the mice droppings Sohrab :)

Unknown said...

Hahaha how could I forget? :)

Louise said...

"Apart form the above being the most ludicrous causes of forgetfulness you could ever come across, there appears to be 9 items and not 7?!"

He must have eaten mouse droppings or peed in the swimming pool before he started writing it.

Hilda, said...

Well, this time a big and loud bravo for him/them. Their mastery in talking nonsense is really matchless.
Religiosity is not religion and selfrighteousness is not morality.

Anonymous said...

i wonder why he forgot that there are 9 causes not just 7? my money is on the mouse shit he looks like he has been eating, that and walking between two women like the pervert that he looks to be.

Winston said...

Stone age mentality has run Iran since Feb 1979. It's just getting worse.

Anonymous said...

It's actually 7 in the video. If you listen, he mentions all the "eating" ones together as if from one item in the list.

I'm mentioning this because when you want to say someone is wrong, don't make false accusations. Instead, go based on what is there or else you look like just as big of an idiot.

Azarmehr said...

There are actually four things to eat sour apples, cheese, corriander and mice droppings. Eating three different items is still three things. Unless you eat a cheese and mice dropping sandwich with a touch of coriander in the mornings as one thing? Looks like you are not a city dweller ;)

Sohrab said...

Almost died laughing at your response to Anonymous.

Azarmehr said...

بخدا سهراب جان اینها اصلا کمدی هستند. شهر هم كه میان آدم نمیشن

Sohrab said...

Vali mote'a'sefaaneh, komediye inhaa teragedy keshvar-e aziz-e maa budeh.