Tuesday, November 17, 2009

20th Anniversary of the Velvet Revolution in Bratislava

Slovaks celebrate the 20th anniversary of the velvet revolution which freed them from the yoke of Communist repression.

Look at this magnificent sculpture in the SNP square to mark the anniversary. Its a huge illuminated heart made out of the same barbed wire that went round the borders and made the country a huge prison for all who lived in it.

We envy the Czech and the Slovak people of course but  we are hopeful our time will come soon and our children will finally live in a free Iran.


Winston said...

We'll celebrate our freedom soon

Canadian life insurance company said...

Oh, congrats Czechoslovakia(or now Czech and Slovak Republics)! I am lucky enough to live in a free, democratic country so I cannot really imagine what it's like to live in your country or former Czechoslovakia. Good luck to you!