Friday, November 06, 2009

Iranian Police Van with Opposition Slogans

Revolution is all about the balance of confidence. Once the people feel confident they can take on the regime and the regime no longer feels confident they are in control, that is when change comes about.

And how is this footage below as an indication of how confident the Green Movement feels? Could anyone have ever imagined it six months ago? Right at the beginning of the clip you see a traffic police van with 'Long Live Karroubi and Moussavi' written with big letters all over it , that is confidence :))


Sohrab said...

Now I've seen everything. This regime is over.

TheVeni1 said...

Hi Potkin, You have a nicely organized blog. Keep up the good work. Azadi man Hastim !!!

"twitter' @TheVeni1

Amir said...

Well done to them! Even the driver had a smile on his face! The tide has turned doostan!