Monday, November 16, 2009

Times Interview with the Supreme Leader's Envoy in UK

I wonder if Baroness Kinnock of Holyhead read the Times interview with the Supreme Leader's envoy in UK, published last Saturday? Those of us in UK who wrote to our MPs asking why the Supreme Leader is allowed to have a representative office in UK were referred to Baroness Kinnock who dismissed our concerns and replied 'the Centre was a charity engaged in spiritual matters only!'

It is precisely because of clueless and spineless politicians like Baroness Kinnock that states which sponsor terrorism manage to create terror movements through their 'charity and spiritual' networks within our midst.

And if Baroness Kinnock doesn't yet know what suffering is caused to the people of Iran by the despotic Supreme Leader, perhaps she should be encouraged to read the other articles published in Britain's dailies over the last few days:


Arash said...

Why is it that genuine asylum seekers are kicked out by this country yet Islamofascist scum like Moezi are allowed an office in Maida Vale?


Neda Mehregan said...

This is because the West, and in particular, the British, are supporting the Islamic Republic. Look, Ahmadinejad's Gov is selling oil cheaper than any other oil producing nation in the world.
Without the West's support, the Islamic Republic would have not survived for 30 years.

Winston said...

Don't worry. UK is in toilet. Khamenei is on top of the toilet hole. gosh, I hate UK government so much.

SZ said...


did you just really say that the west SUPPORTS Iran??

Is it a dream or is it the west that's been imposing sanctions against Iran for 35 years. Is it a dream or wasn't it the west who gave iraq support in its war against iran...

The things that come out of your mouth are amazing....

SZ said...


off course you hate the UK government, you probably hate them because they dont want to declare war on Iran.

You actually then must hate the Chinese, Russians, Indians, Pakistanis, Syrians, Turks, French, Germans, Italians, Spanish and a host of other nations becuase they have relations with Iran and because they don't want to get rid of the Islamic Republic...

How about this for a thought...each country does whats in its best interest...nobody cares about your idiotic messianic view that Iran should go back to being a monarchy...or that they should give Iran hell because they have an Islamic Republic.

In the end, you have a sad existence, nobody really listens to you. even your boy toy Bush didnt do anything about Iran or North Korea, or China, or Russia, or any country for that matter.

I find it interesting. I really would like to hear your reasons for being a neocon.

Mehrtash said...

SZ: you choose to be fooled by what you see; it's all a play for the west. You mention west supporting iraq in th war against iran, well guess what, the very same 'west' sold weapons to iran on the black market for triple the price. So, you are right, every country does what is best for itself.

SZ said...


So if I am right, then why are you on here criticizing Iran for supporting Hezbollah, or Hamas or anyone else for that matter??

It's a big game and its all a power play for influence in the region and in the world. I don't blame the US for trying to stop Iran from getting nuclear technology, but at the same time, I believe Iran has that right. Its an unjust world, and things will ony get done by brute force.

Thats why people like Winston, who sit here and curse Iran are just nothing but traitors, they choose to support foreign governments over Iran's.

Dissidents in general are traitors to iran.