Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Stand with the People of Iran Tomorrow

Tomorrow, Tell the World Leaders, the Yearning for Change in Iran Continues. Don't let the People of Iran Down. Don't Let Nuclear Negotiations Overshadow Human Rights Issues in Iran.

Just about every commander in the Islamic Republic's revolutionary guards and in the police force have issued their dire threats against any 'illegal' protests tomorrow.

Yet tomorrow the people of Iran will prove once again that the Green Movement lives on, getting stronger day by day. Join the solidarity with people of Iran demonstrations around the world tomorrow wherever you are.

Meanwhile some footage from today:

Students at Azad University South Tehran Chant 'Russian Embassy is the Den of Spies' - because of Kremlin's support for Ahmadinejad

Mazandaran Uni students pull down Ahmadinejad's poster:

and school students join the protests:

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