Sunday, November 15, 2009

Interview with Neda's Fiancé in the Observer

Make sure you read the interview with Caspian Makan, Neda's fiancé, in today's observer.
A short version of a documentary made about Neda will be shown on PBS on the 17th and the full version, 'An Iranian Martyr' directed by Monica Garnsey will be broadcaston BBC2 on 24th November, at 9 pm.


Arash said...

Link for anyone who can't get hold of a paper copy:

What a courageous man.


Azarmehr said...

Remember if you haven't bought the paper make sure you leave some feedback or digg or share the story. Lets show teh editors that Iran news has a market if its told in the right way

saggezard said...

Dr. Ramin Pourandarzjani the young doctor stationed at Kahrizak prison in the aftermath of June 2009 uprising was found dead on Tuesday at Tehran's security forces barracks. He had been imprisoned for one week after he refused to classify as meningitis the cause of death for a tortured Kahrizak prisoner.