Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Flynt Leverett Eat Your Words

Its going to take me some time to collect all the film footage from today's protests across Iran, but the first one is probably the most important one in terms of relaying today's protest message to the world. First footage shgows people of Iran chant 'Obama You are Either on Their Side or on Our Side'.

I have always said the vast majority of numerous American think tanks should be renamed as think tanks no thanks and how useless their researchers and policy advisers are. The likes of Flynt Leverett may think Ahmadienjad won the elections and that Ahamdinejad is in firm control of Iran but today the people of Iran once again proved the Flynt Leveretts should be sent to retirement or to the 'dustbin of history' as his friends in Iran often say.

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Winston said...

Leverett is an asshole. Period!

barmakid said...

That has to be the most useless, unthoughtful chant in the history if Iranian movements. Who cares about Obama? Obama's job is to pursue American interests, not those of the Iranian people (unless the interests of the Iranian people and the United States coincide). And even then, it would be naive to think that Obama would act purely on behalf of the Iranian people.

U.S. policy toward Iran is enveloped in the drive to disarm Iran's nuclear ambitions and Israeli security. It's an embarrassment to the nation to call on Obama to help them.

It makes for a catchy slogan, but that's it. Obama hasn't even made a statement about today's events and no major American network has covered them.

I say to the Iranian people, stop calling on Americans to help. They won't.


barmakid said...

Also, you apparently don't read The Politico to often. They are not a partisan news organization and actually have gained a lot of respect with the type of analysis they propagate. And Flynt's analysis did nothing to change that. He made a simple point in regards to the election results: A lot of western analysis and Iranian opposition based their view of the election results on assumptions and wishful thinking.

I want this movement to succeed, but I won't hide from the truth along the way.

I find Flynt's account to be credible and worth thinking about.


Azarmehr said...

Of course you do Barmakid, for the benefit of other readers let me first of all tell the other readers, who may not be familiar with you from the past, who you are and what you imagined before.

Barmakid is a US based student who thought the Tudeh Party was a Yes party of the Shah, and that Hamas paid for the missiles they received from Iran thus helping to boost our exports. Barmakid also consistently argued that Iran was not ready for a revolution and also has an erection when you merely mention teh name of his leader Tritta Parsi.

So introductions out of the way, Barmakid now thinks Ahmadinejad won the elections fair and square. And Barmakid do you really think that Karroubi got less than 1% of the votes?

Sohrab said...

"(unless the interests of the Iranian people and the United States coincide)"

They do. Easiest way to denuclearize mullahs is regime change and a democratic Iran.

You've slipped back into your old mode of regime apologetics. Some things never change.

barmakid said...

Haha. Your usual comeback when you have nothing worthwhile to say. My only point is it was legitimate political analysis, and simply because it was opposed to what you thought/think you slander the guy.


You're right, some things don't change. When someone tries to expand on an issue, those who don't have the capacity or tolerance to encourage a discussion usually resort to ad hominems like "regime apologetic."

And thank goodnes our foreign policy isn't conducted on such a reckless, naive academic notion that if you get rid of the regime you get rid of the Iranian ambition for nuclear energy. Thank goodness, I say.

I AM a U.S. based student (you say that as you mean it negatively) and I don't claim to be involved in the movement. I am simply a spectator. I come here for discussion.

There is no revolution taking place - it is a movement and it seems to me like another mullah is trying to hijack it for political expedience (eh em, Karroubi).

You guys get too caught up in your emotions. Azarmehr is stupid enough to believe that just a few videos of the sort qualify as a revolution. He's a zealot blinded by his own fervor, which therefore explains the ignorance he displayed in his response to me.

Thus, as Flynt said, sounds like a hyped up case of "wishful thinking."

Hey, I wish it would happen too. But I'm not gonna fool myself along the way as I sit here in my armchair in the United States :)


p.s. Azarmehr, for the sake of your children, learn not to attack someone just because you don't agree with them. Your boy is 12yrs old now, you don't want him to become a thoughtless ogre like his father do you? You are a "basiji" on the other extreme.

Azarmehr said...


imagine if I locked myself in a library and didn't have a life and shut myself from all reality, may be then I would come to conclusions like you and Flynt that the movement has fizzled out, that Karroubi is trying to hijack the revolution and there is no revolution taking place and shamelessly state 'I am not doing anything for the movement'.

You should get a girlfriend you know and stop reading, its not good for your eyesight

Sohrab said...

But you ARE invested in the other side barmakid. Situations like this are always political -- i.e. there is an irreconcilable conflict that can't be negotiated or deferred or otherwise neutralized. Whether you like it or not, your casual observations are always already advancing the cause of either one side or the other. So which is it?

barmakid said...


Imagine if I glued myself to my chair and scoured youtube, iranhub, and irannegah for 2min clips of protests to fool myself into thinking something is bigger than it is. In fact, are you sure you didn't start this "revolution" Azarmehr? Haha... If you care that much go to Iran instead of sitting behind your computer and attacking other people. You're getting older now, that has to be unhealthy for you.

And, since you have no idea what I do for a living, I'll continue to let you think that all I do is read. It's actually a very big compliment for me :)

And btw, I have a girlfriend - she's Israeli :)


I don't believe that's true, and if you want to know which side I am on you clearly didn't read my posts. Find me on Facebook, then you can know for sure.

Azarmehr said...


The conclusion form your ' If you care that much go to Iran' is that none of the people who live outside Iran care about Iran. Don't you think that is an absurd immature statement?

People have different skills and they are more useful in different places, except it seems you who have no skills and are no use wherever you are.

barmakid said...

"The conclusion form your ' If you care that much go to Iran' is that none of the people who live outside Iran care about Iran. Don't you think that is an absurd immature statement?"

Yes, I do think it is. And I said it to make a point. In my 2yrs here have I ever said something like that? No.

Yet you constantly say I'm worthless because I live in the United States. Like you just implied negatively, "barmakid is a US based student." Either you are insinuating I have H1N1:) or that it's hypocritical for me to even be saying anything because I live in the US.

My parents made the choice to move here before I was born. I am a product of the decisions they made. I like the U.S. - it's a nice place.

But I have spent a lot of my life in Iran and I like it there too.


Azarmehr said...

No being a US based student was not a jibe, it was just a fact, read teh rest