Thursday, November 19, 2009

Six Years Imprisonment for Other People's Comments

Iranian blogger, Ali Behzadian Nejad, was sentenced to 6 years imprisonment by the Islamic revolutionary court. What makes his sentence a first however is not so much what he himself has written on his blog but what other people have left as comments on his posts! In other words he has been sentenced for other people expressing their opinions. His blog can still be seen here : His last posts in reverse chronological order are :

- Election Program Schedule on TV
- A Mathematical Poem by Professor Hashtaroudi
- Doodle for Google
- Competition in Providing Web Services
- 10 Rules of Being a Human Being
- Enthusiasm of Globalisation
and some more posts about various programming languages workshops.

Another Iranian blogger, Omid Lavassani who had designed, was also sentenced to six years.

Coincidentally Behzadian Nejad is also the nephew of Moussavi's campaign team director, Ghorban Behzadian Nejad.

What was it Ahmadinejad told his clueless hosts, 'There is almost complete freedom in Iran'

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Winston said...

outrageous... where is baroness Afshar on this?