Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Regime's Anger at Oxford Uni's Neda Scholarship

It was only a few weeks ago when I reported from a conference about a brilliant idea of the symbolic gesture to rename the streets in European cities where the Islamic Republic embassies reside to Neda. I explained how that would boost the confidence of the people in Iran and it won't require the usual obstacles of bringing the Chinese and the Russians on board etc.

The announcement by Oxford University's Queen's College, to establish a graduate scholarship in Philosophy in memory of Neda, who was also a philosophy student, was just along these symbolic gestures which I find very helpful. So it was with no doubt in my mind that Ahamdinejad's messianic junta would soon show its anger and disapproval, and sure enough they soon did. They were furious and they blamed the award on Arash Hejazi, the eye witness to her murder and the doctor who went to her help when she was shot.

The Islamic Republic through its embassy in London has condemned the award and in a letter to the Queen’s College, has claimed Arash Hejazi is ‘a fellow’ to the Oxford University and behind the award 'plot'.

Yet another knee jerk reaction by the messianic junta who never seem to do their homework properly. Arash Hejazi has never studied in the University of Oxford and has no relationships to Queen's College. He has studied in Oxford Brookes University, an academic body completely separate from the University of Oxford. But then again what do you expect from a regime whose minister presents a badly faked PHD certificate form Oxford university as his 'academic' credential?

And wasn't according to the same junta, Neda a martyr of BBC/MeK/Zionist conspiracy who staged her killing? So why not support a graduate award for her? It seems Neda will haunt those who really killed her for a long while to come and they will continue to show their true colours to the world in their constant state of confusion as very bad liars.


Arash said...

Good move from Oxford Uni!


Iranian Observer said...

read my take on this issue

Anonymous said...

In recognizing all who risk their life every day in Iran for their love of peace for the world and freedom for Iran, we are asking Time magazine to consider selecting Neda as the “person of the year”. She is the symbol of the world we all want: young, vibrant, peace-loving and open-minded. Her selection clearly highlights what the world does not want anymore which is darkness, fundamentalism, backwardness, and dictatorship.

Regardless of different political affiliations and religious believes, we can not imagine any person who could watch the video of Neda's killing without the overwhelming sense of deep sorrow, and the desire for retribution, if not vengeance.

As Neda and her death has come to symbolize the plight of many unknown brave Iranians in Iran, her portrait on Time Magazine cover as the person of the year would be a small salute to the immense courage of their generation and the parents who 've raised them and now have to mourn them.

We will be looking for a more direct route, but meanwhile to make your opinion and your nomination of Neda known to the Time Magazine, you could email them at this email address:

If you so desire, you could include our FB site in your emails:

Feel free to provide a sample letter for all to use on this site,or include any part of this communication in your email to the Time Magazine.

On behalf of the Committe to select Neda for the Person of the Year.

Sohrab said...

A great institution reaffirms its greatness.

Winston said...

Islamic Republic is shaken and scared.

Anonymous said...


What do you think of these Baseeji women? Do you think Arash Hejazi killed Neda you silly kachal?

SZ said...

NObody knows who killed that poor girl. She was a victim for sure, but to blame the basiji just because they were around is ludicrous.

you're an idiot.

Azarmehr said...

I think you have to be a bigger idiot if you believe Arash Hejazi killed her.

SZ said...

You guys make up names and accuse them of killing people.

Two can play that game..I think Arash killed Neda, I think Arash is a killer.

There. Let's see you refute that.

Azarmehr said...

So Shervin Zeinalizadeh,

If Arash Hejazi killed Neda, why did the regime put pressure on Neda's boyfriend to say the MeK had killed Neda? And what happened to BBC's Jon Lyon who was also accused of killing Neda? and what happened to their claims that Interpol was after Arash Hejazi?

You are all drowning in a cesspit of lies and absurdity, you have all sank in so much shit, even going through a car wash won't clean you up.

SZ said...


For the last time, my name is not Shervin. You are either slow, or just ignorant.

Second of all, its called SARCASM! I was just throwing out a name, and claimed he was the killer. Who the hell knows who killed that poor girl, all I know is that it was unfortunate and that it was uncalled for. I hope they catch the perpetrator.

Arash said...

SZ, it may hearten you to know that the "perpetrator" has indeed been identified :)


Azarmehr said...

So what do you think of teh IQ of these women who were protesting outside the UK embassy asking for Arash Hejazi to be returned to Iran? After all these are your friends Shervin

SZ said...


Yes, im sure they caught the guy who shot her! hahaha..not!

nobody knows who shot her, it was so damn hectic and unruly that day, that noone can actually without a doubt say that they saw the perpetrator.

Second of all, i find it interesting that all you dissidents claim that because this girl died, it shows the brutality of the Iranian government, or that it shows the inhumanity....

It was a sad accident, and something thats bound to happen when you have violent protestors who put busses on fire, who throw rocks and who come out into the street with no permit for a demonstration. The government was justified in doing whatever it had to in order to restore the peace on the streets.