Sunday, November 15, 2009

International Student Day

On 4th November, hardly anyone from Isfahan managed to get online, which is why there was very little footage from the protests there. The material is gradually coming through however. Here is a clip from a school protest on November 4th in Isfahan:

Next planned big day of protests in Iran is on 7th December, marking the University Student Day. To prevent further protests, the regime is using its intimidation tactics by arresting the student leaders in their houses. Abdollah Mo'meni, student spokesman who was arrested after the election fraud and put on show trial has received a harsh 8 years imprisonment.

17th November I am told is the international students day, Iranian students studying outside Iran must mobilise other university students to display an impressive global day of support for their comrades and colleagues inside Iran. Lets make sure all universities across the world on 17th November stand up against the enemies of knowledge in Iran.

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