Wednesday, November 25, 2009

BBC2 Documentary on Neda

Well in case you missed the BBC2 documentary on Neda, you can watch it here on BBC iPlayer:

Iranian hardline newspaper, Kayhan, was quick to react before the program was even aired. It referred to the program as a new staged exercise by the MI6 and continued to blame Neda's fiancé, Caspian Makan and Arash Hejazi, the doctor who tried to save Neda, as her killers. Angus MacQueen, the proprietor of Ronachan films who was commissioned by the BBC to make the documentary was also accused of being an MI6 agent and implicitly mentioned as instrumental in the downfall of the Eastern bloc Communist governments. The Iranian born producer, Arash Sahami, did not escape unscathed either, he was accused of being a member of an exiled terrorist group.

BBC Persian so far has refused to broadcast the documentary to its Persian speaking audience, saying the content is too political and could upset the Iranian authorities!!


Arash said...

Nader Mokhtari is a vile traitor and deserves to rot in hell. Shame and eternal damnation upon all those who defend this regime.


Sohrab said...

I talk to relatives in Iran quite often and they say the regime's accusations against ordinary Iranians (that they are covert MI6 or Mossad agents, etc.) has almost become a big joke - save for the fact that folks at the other end of such baseless accusations can end up getting jailed, tortured, or worse.

Arash said...

Potkin have you seen the latest piece of disgusting Islamic Republic boot-licking on CASMII regarding Neda?

It's not just Basiji bitches in Iran who are defaming Dr Hejazi, so called academics like this Kaveh Afrasiabi are doing it here in the West too. The irony is that this traitor is named after one of our national heroes. Bloody hell.


Babak said...

WTF? BBCPersian is afraid it will upset the iranian government? What about all the reporting it has done of the protests since june then? I never will begin to understand them.. What really is their deal Putkin??

Azarmehr said...

Thank you very much for this Arash. Kaveh Afrasiabi was contacted by Ronachan films during the making of teh documentary and was asked if he could arrange for an interview with Ahamdienjad to provide the balance in programs required by OFCOM. First he wanted £700 and then he raised his price to £2000. Now I also know who helped Kayhan daily in Iran to come up with this story:
Thank you so much Arash

Azarmehr said...


Ring them and ask them.

Potkin ;)

Anonymous said...

these r mother fuckers

Anonymous said...

Your comment on BBC Persian's motivation for not screening this documentary is not correct.

Do you have any evidence that this is the case? Any whatsoever?

Then publish it here.

Azarmehr said...


Do you have a name? then publish it here. Do you work for BBC Persian? Then say it here. Do you have evidence contrary to why it wasn't shown? then publish it here

Anonymous said...

The "documentary" is a piece of propaganda. The associate producer of the film is Kelly Niknejad of "Tehran Bureau" for goodness sake.

If you want to know the truth about Neda's death, please read this.

Try some logic and reason.

Unknown said...

Who is that woman, Faranak Amidi, who worked for PressTV and was shown weeping on the documentary because she was shot in the leg by a plastic bullet? I can't believe they would let such a "gharbdokht" work for the agency in the first place. Another loose end.

Anonymous said...

Actually the fee was $150- and is standard for all appearances. And Mr Arash we know you, you vile Bahaie shit so don't you go raising our Derafsh Kaviani. Run back to your yido sponsors in London and Canada.