Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Regime's Cloning Tactics

One of the tactics used by the regime in the last three decades is the cloning tactic. As soon as they feel there is a threat from a trend in the society which could transform into a movement, they will clone something similar and then discredit it by reducing it to something cheap and ridiculous.

One example in recent years was the creation of Hakha. The regime had felt a serious threat from thousands of Iranian youngsters who had become disillusioned with the government brand of Islam and had found a greater appeal in Iran's pre-Islamic religion of Zoroastrianism. Thousands have converted into the old religion outside Iran and in secret ceremonies inside Iran. So in came a charlatan from nowhere who called himself Hakha with the sole intention of converting the Zoroastrian appeal into something nauseating with enough money to pay the shoe string budget Persian LA televisions for airtime. There was no shortage of gullible out of touch Iranian ex pats in America who followed him either.

Hakha twice set an exact date for the 'liberation' of Iran, during which him and his followers would board a fleet of jumbo jets and return to Iran in triumph :)) Needless to say that nothing ever came out of it. Hakha who claimed to have been behind the downfall of the Eastern bloc countries, have a PHD in aerospace and speak many languages was in fact an illiterate charlatan who couldn't even speak Persian or English properly. After Hakha any interest in reviving Zoroastrian values bore the shameful stigma of being a Hakha type fool.

Now once again, the regime is trying to clone the Green Movement with its own newly creation of 'Green Alavi Movement'. Pro-Ahamdienjad websites have announced its creation and fictitious groups and societies have announced that they are joining the new 'movement', although I noticed yesterday many of the links that made such claims were not working. They want to say the Green colours we will see tomorrow are not the protesters but the supporters of the official parade.

This time however they are too late, the real Green Movement is far too numerous and far too deep rooted and the slogans they will chant tomorrow will make it clear as who is who.

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