Friday, August 21, 2009

Ahmadinejad's Proposed Cabinet

Having appointed his most inner circle of loyal cronies as his deputies and advisers, Ahmadienjad needed to quickly form a cabinet that would be approved by the Majles so he could get on with governing Iran. Yet as soon as he went on state TV last night, the capital erupted with defiant cries of "Death to the dictator!" and "God is Great!" from rooftops and windows. It was the same defiant chants in other major cities, Isfahan, Shiraz, Ahwaz, Abadan, and Kermanshah.

Parliament is not required to approve deputies and advisers but already one of his appointed advisers, his brother-in-law and chief of staff, Rahim Mashaei, has been convicted on charges of financial impropriety by the Supreme Audit Court and has been suspended from his government post for two months. Ahmadinejad's administration is trying to reverse the ruling, although the deadline for appealing against the conviction has passed.

Ahmadinejad's proposed defence minister is former Quds Force chief of the Revolutionary Guards, Ahmad Vahidi. He is wanted by the interpol. See:

Interestingly Ahmadienjad's police chief accused Arash Hejazi, the doctor who went to help Neda after she was shot, of being on Interpol's wanted list! A charge that was immediately denied by Interpol but was repeatedly broadcast on Press TV and is under OFCOM investigation for improper news broadcasting. Interesting to see if Press TV now mentions the fact that Ahmadinejad's proposed defence minister is actually on Interpol's wanted list or chooses to ignore this fact.

Perhaps the most amusing part of this cabinet proposal process however was when Ahmadinejad tried to introduce one of his female cabinet nominees on air. The screen showed the nominated female minister's veiled picture and details but instead of talking about her, Ahmadinejad remarked on his former health minister, Dr. Lankarani, in his own way. Ahmadinejad recalled while laughing and sounded like he was getting sexually excited that on one occasion Dr. Lankarani was described as a 'peach', 'he is so lovely one wants to eat this youngster', Ahmadienjad remarked on his former Health Minister!!
How much more 'presidential' can you get than this? :))

I just can't help being reminded of one of Hadi Khorsandi's stand up comedy lines 'We are a nation that started with Cyrus the Great and have ended up with Ahmadienjad' .
tofoo bar tow ey chakhe gardoon, tofoo!


Anonymous said...

It's funny how hard-liners are claiming that Ahmady is extending a popular gesture by appointing not 1 but 3 women to his cabinet. Those women are just as sexist as the men who defend gender segregation in all walks of life.

Sohrab said...

Not only a megalomaniacal dictator but also a creep, apparently.

Sohrab said...

With the Vahidi appointment, the Argentinian government should have enough shame and self-respect to cut off relations with a regime brazen enough to give its defense portfolio to a man alleged to have massacred hundreds of Argentinian citizens in the worst attack on Jews outside Israel since the Holocaust.

But I doubt Kirchner will even notice.

Winston said...

crooks and liars + criminals: What a combo!

Anonymous said...

September 25 Rally to protest U.S. religious leaders honoring AHMADINEJAD at NYC Hyatt Hotel