Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Zahra Bani-Yaghoub's Mother Urges Victims to Speak Out

Zahra Bani-Yaghoub was not a victim of the post election fraud protests. She died in suspicious circumstances while in custody shortly after she had graduated. Yet she too is a victim of Baseej's savagery, lawlessness and unaccountability. See:

Parvin Nabi, Zahra Bani-Yaghoub's mother met with a group of Mourning Mothers and told them 'Her throat was cut and her legs and thighs were black and blue. I think she died while resisting them. May God never forgive her killers. I will see the day when my daughter's killers are punished. If my daughter's murder was properly investigated then and her killers were brought to justice then, all these officials would not have dared to torture and kill Iran's children today'.

Parvin Nabi has been wearing black every single day since her daughter's murder, she advised the families of post election fraud protests 'Families, especially fathers be supportive of your children, mothers be patient listeners for them, the support of mothers and fathers will hearten the children who have suffered these atrocities, it will bring them out of their depression. Keep praying, it always calms me'

Parvin Nabi continued about her daughter's case, 'The Baseej official told my husband, your daughter was walking with one of the hoodlums in the park. I say so where is the hoodlum? why did you release him and arrest my daughter? they said your daughter was not fit to be a doctor, who is the Baseej to decide who is fit to be a doctor or otherwise? They were so illiterate that if you read their report you would laugh at their spelling mistakes. Imagine if a top graduate medical doctor like my daughter got in the hands of these illiterate thugs and resisted them, what they would do? of course they can not tolerate the likes of her'

'Our youth are dear to us whatever has happened to them. They should hold their heads high and say whatever they have suffered. If my Zahra was alive she would have disgraced a lot of them. The youth should speak out and not fear, they can save those who are in prison now from being tortured and those who will be arrested and tortured in the future.' Parvin Nabi urged the victims.


Winston said...

These recent news stories out of Iran raise my blood pressure so much. How could any one do this to their fellow citizens?

Maggie said...

That is one very, very brave mother. May she have peace in her soul.