Monday, August 03, 2009

Endorsement Ceremony and People's Protests

Pictures of today's protests against the endorsement of Ahmadinejad. Hated Baseej have started wearing masks for fear of retribution


Winston said...

Brave people!

Anonymous said...

اند عکسهای خود را از اینترنت پاک کنند تا در فردای انتقام راه گریز داشته باشند
امروز متوجه شدیم برادران بسیج و ذوب شده در ولایت فقیه بیش از آنچه ما میپنداشتیم به هراس افتاده اند . این وبسایت را نگاه کنید . آقایان دیگر شروع کرده اند تصاویر خود را روی وبسایتهای خودشان محو کنند . همینها که تا یک ماه پیش با کمال افتخار عکسهای خود را همه جا به نمایش میگذاشتند حالا جرات ندارند حتی در مقالات خودشان هم عکسهای خود را به نمایش بگذارند . دوستان ، شاد باشید که دشمن شدیدا به هراس افتاده است . از اول هم میدانستیم که این اوباش، ضعیف کش هستند و در مقابل خیزش مردم ذلیل و خوار خواهند شد و به گریه خواهند افتاد. آنوقت اینها به ما میگفتند سوسول!

“پیروزی نزدیک است

Anonymous said...

Internal Combustion
by Abbas Milani
The Iranian regime's biggest threat may come from the inside.
Post Date Monday, August 3, 2009

Anonymous said...

list of murdered and jailed:

Anonymous said...

Confession of an Islamic Republic supporter

Anonymous said...

Here is the awkward "kiss" video:

IRNA said that A-nejad could not kiss the Supreme leader 'cause he had a cold! Apparently these 2 guys' awkwardness has set off a global speculation. IRI's spin doctor had to jump out to do some "damage control"!

I recall a couple days ago, A-nejad said he and Supreme leader are like father and son, but talk is cheap, action speaks louder than words!

Anonymous said...

For weeks, am anonymous woman has been asking various Iranian on-line forums whether anyone had heard anything about a man called Behzad Mohajer. She would write about him and say that he is her uncle. Sadly, his family picked up his body from Karizak mortuary several days ago. He was 47 years old and had gun shot wounds in his chest. He had been missing for over a month.
My commiserations to the poor woman who was desperately searching for news of him:

Sohrab said...

Look at that fat ninja basiji! I wish he covered his face out of shame but alas it's probably due to simple animal fear.