Thursday, August 06, 2009

Quick Post

I am not in UK at the moment, but been getting some news from Iran that I have to share with Iranian expats in particular. First of all there is a lot of footage from recent protests that hasnt come out yet. The internet is restricted, its ok for chat and emails but very hard to send files.

Also the UK and some other European countries having high ranking delegations present at Ahmadinejad´s inauguration has had a demoralising effect on the population. They think once again the world is ready to appease the regime. They are disappointed with the Iranian expats, they think its time they went further than just symbolic acts of solidarity and do more.

Also, there is a real problem of getting information. People are complaining that BBC Persian has become almost BBC AFghan, with very little information about what is happening in Iran.


Winston said...

I told you about this demoralizing effect a few days ago. That's what I was worried about....

Anonymous said...

Your stupid attempt at overthrowing the REAL Iranian government is over. Stop your attempts at rabblerousing NOW! You have shown your rotten colours!

Many will suffer because of you!

Anonymous said...

Can they say what more they want expats to do?
I think it would increase the response if they asked for specific help.

Azarmehr said...

What they want is for us to paralyse the regime outside Iran. They also want us to become a voting block and put pressure on the European governments not to recognise the regime and send tehir representatives to their official ceremonies. They also want us to put pressure on BBC Persian, VOA Persian etc. to disseminate information about gatherings etc. better.

There is awhole list but these are the main requests they have.

SZ said...

Pol Pot,

you are an idiot....The Iranian government has the full support of the people INSIDE Iran, those are the ones that matter....Traitors like you who live in the UK and scream profanities from a distance are a dime a dozen.

You are pathetic, and please come to Iran, I would not mind slapping you like a bitch! hahaha

but off course, you won't post this message, because you are a pussy, and if you do, you'll proclaim it a sign of your tolerance! hahaha ..fucking loser!