Friday, August 28, 2009

Popular Iranian Singer Morteza Joined Protesters

Popular Iranian singer, Morteza, joined the protesters outside the Iranian embassy in London yesterday:


Anonymous said...

I suggest the Iranean people to leave the Islam religion.

In this way they are making a silent revolution.

There is no common sense why some priests -and mulla's shall suppress a whole population in the name of Islam.

It is crudely misuse the name of a religion to "rape" the souls of a whole population of a country, and spoil the lives of millions of people.

In the year of 1750 something a lot of my ancestors left the jewish religion, and shifted to other religions without a lot of problems.

Hoping this writing will saw some "seeds" in the minds of the Iranian people which might lead to freedom for them.

I love you!

Azarmehr said...

I on the other hand never suggest to anyone to leave their religion or join a religion. Spirituality and the relation with God is a personal matter and its best left at that.

Winston said...

I think he's a bit late to the show. Don't you think?