Saturday, August 08, 2009

French Citizen Amongst the Accused in the Show Trial

23-year-old French academic Clotilde Reiss, is seen here sitting amongst the accused in the Stalinist type show trials taking place in Iran.
On her right, an Islamic Republic police woman makes sure she doesn´t escape?!

Every day this sham trial is turning into more of a farce and the messianic junta shows its ignorance and worthlessness.

Today using Google translator and studying English language was used by the court as evidence against the accused for being foreign agents!

Just this sham trial should be enough reason for the world not to recognise Ahmadinejad´s messianic junta.


Winston said...

I want to feel sorry for the French citizen but her government has been supporting the Iranian mullahs for more than 3 decades now. I hope her government wakes up and smells the coffee and I am hoping she is released soon

Winston said...

I think this article may interest you.

Winston said...
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Arash said...

This is disgraceful, though at least it continues to show the world that all of the Mullah's claims to "freedom" and "justice" are a big pack of lies. I hope the CASMIIites and SWPites are hanging their heads in shame for aligning themselves with these fascists.


Hidden Author said...

I'm sure the barbarians who attacked the American Embassy--note that it has not reopened--care deeply about foreign recognition. And after such a symbolic gesture, will the world boycott Iran's pistachio harvest? The only other things the wise people of Iran produce (can produce?) for export is oil and smuggling and treachery will keep a water-tight boycott of oil from happening!

Hidden Author said...

Sorry I insulted the people of Iran; the mess that is the Islamic Republic and its legions of supporters invokes my natural cynicism. But perhaps I should have more self-control!