Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Rescue of Iranian Protester

This is new film footage from yesterday. People rescued the protester - seen without a shirt - from a police car after he was arrested at Park Sayee. They are trying to open his handcuffs and give him a shirt to put on. No wonder the Baseej are now wearing masks, they must be terrified.


Judy Rey Wasserman said...

We have the same goals for Iran. I too hope to see Iran a free secular democracy, with equal rights for all.

Thanks for that blog. Glad I found your blog via a Twitter link.

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Amir said...

I love this video. It sends such a strong message. I am so proud when I see these brave people helping each other knowing they are risking their own lives doing so. I am in awe of their of courage.

I get upset when friends Iranian & non-Iranian question why I protest outside the embassy. When I ask them why they aren't joining in, they come up with all manner of excuses from being scared to being identified to "do you really think it makes a difference?". The last question always grates me. What do they define as a difference? Does it make a difference if some kid in Iran sees my photo or video and is encouraged knowing we are supporting them? Then yes I've made a difference. Does it publicise their struggle to people passing by in cars, buses and by foot...then yes I am making a difference.

My answer is always the same - I protest because I am one of many of 'their' voices in the west. As long as their voices are raised in the streets of Tehran, I will echo them in the streets of London. I hope they will be victorious and get the democratic secular government the country deserves.

Sohrab said...

Good for you Amir. I feel the same way as you.

Maggie said...

I am back from my trip to USA and Canada.

My own protests which are passive will continue until Ahmanutjob is arrested and Khamenei is removed as the Grand Poohbah

Anonymous said...

Kudos to all brave Iranian men & women. Your incredible heroism puts this barbaric regime to shame. Iran will be free. Keep fighting. Don't give up. Rest assured that the civilized world stands with you and supports your quest for freedom & justice. Long live Iranian activists. Ling live Free Iran. Death to Ahmadinejad, Khamenei and their fascist government. Long live freedom.

- Much love & gratitude - Iranian-American from U.S.