Monday, August 31, 2009

40th Day Commemoration of Kianoosh Assa

People in Kermanshah commemorate the 40th day martyrdom of Iranian student Kianoosh Assa, gunned down in the post election fraud protests.

For everyone of us you gun down, thousands more will rise, you can chop down the trees but don't you realise you can not kill the Forrest.


Anonymous said...

"Protester commits suicide"
Very disturbing

The text on this YouTube video states that a young protester in Isfahan commits suicide immediately after his provisional discharge. "He was chased, and threw himself off the pedestrian bridge... He prefered to die rather than experience again the nightmare of iranian prison..." These claims are unconfirmed and there have been no news reports.

His fathers acute state of gried is gut wrenching.

Azarmehr said...

I am not sure about this. My doubt is because they mention a 23 year old boy but with no name. How can you know the exact age of the person but not his name. Also no one in the crowd is chanting any protest slogans, I can not hear what the man with blood on his shirt is saying either. No doubt the scene is heart wrenching and it seems someone has committed suicide but I think this clip is from before the elections. I may be wrong but best not to discredit teh movement with wrong news.

Anonymous said...

I doubt that this was before the uprising. Perhaps they didn't mention his name because they don't want the family to be disturbed. I'm sure his father made sure everyone surrounding him to know his name.

His father has a slight accent and he says, "in hame jomhouriyeh Eslami". The other parts is garbbled because of his accent and the fact that the guy is just so stressed and can't utter words properly.
The date on the video can be verified but I don't have that kind of knowledge.

Anonymous said...

According to some reports the young man wasn'gt suicidal. He was
running from regime thugs seeking to return him to jail where more
beatings and more rapes were a certainty.

See the video at:

Anonymous said...

Masih Alinejad

Her name is Jesus:

She is phenomenal. She should be the next President of Iran.

Anonymous said...

The next president of Iran? How? Under what rule? LoL

SZ said...


you have no facts to back up your statements. Posts like this, go to show the true nature of the "dissidents" is just to spread lies and disinformation about Iran and its people. Go to hell.

Mehrtash said...

Oh, because SZ illustrates facts and evidence of such too when he/she rambles on his/her rhetoric.

You need to get a new tune, your usual accusatory tone that lacks any evidential credibility is a bore and a chore to read here.

Devil's Advocate said...

SZ has a point