Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Iran Will Never Die

Tomorrow is the anniversary of Dr. Bakhtiar's murder. A man who spent a total of six years in Shah's jails and was banned for ten years from leaving the country, yet in 1979 he had the foresight to see the religious dictatorship that was looming and all the tragedies that it would result. If only we had more politicians like him back then who had his courage and foresight.

As he always finished his speeches 'Iran will never die'


Amir said...

Potkin jan - thanks for remembering him. Rouheshoon Shaad. He was a very good man and his assassination at the hands of this regime was a huge loss. It followed 3 months after the assassination of my uncle in Paris on the 18th April who worked very closely with Dr Bakhtiar. They will both be remembered as true patriots who longed for a democratic Iran and their ideals will never be forgotten.

I was in switzerland at the time and clearly remember how the French government at the time did the least they could to capture the culprits. Two escaped and one was captured. Had it not been for the stupidity of one of the assassins to leave his filofax with an identity card in a phonebooth on the swiss/french border (the french had alredy allowed him to leave)and the alertness of the swiss border guards Ali Vakili Rad would certainly have escaped too.

In the words of Dr Bakhtiar - Iran hargez nakhahad mord! Iran will never die!

shahin said...

God bless him and others who have been martyred during this dark age of tyrnny. shahin

barmakid said...

Didn't the Shah appoint Bakhtiar as head of the government before he left? Why did he get imprisoned by the Shah then before?


Arash said...

RIP Dr Bakhtiar.


Winston said...

A country that has people like him in its arsenal will never die. I wish the armed forces, the public and the naive people had listened to what he said in those dark days.

Anonymous said...

Obama has spoken and supports the Iranian governement. Your foolish 'revolution' is over. Submit.

Anonymous said...

He was a great man. roohesh shad. Yesterday(6 august) was also the 17th death anniversary of one of the greatest iranian singer, poet,writer, showman,etc... Fereydoon Farrokhzad. He was also just like Dr. Bakhtiar a great human being.


Maggie said...

@anonymous: "foolish revolution"? Wrong.

The people of Iran are showing a lot of courage because they know the truth.

The twat Obama is a total ignorant disgrace and is far worse than the stupid peanut farmer Jimmy Carter.

In 1979 the people faced tyranny by confronting the Shah. Once again they are confronting the tyrants. The elderly are with the young and there is no stopping them and no turning back.

For the moment the nutjob seems to have control. Hopefully it will not be too long before the twat Obama is impeached because of his own subterfuge and cheating on the American public. As an outsider I cannot wait to see that man disappear (he just might have gone too far with his pursuit of a certain ex-governor or at least giving consent to pursue that person over alleged breaches of ethics that did not happen). If it was good enough to go after Richard Nixon then it is good enough to turn up the truth about how that piece of scum is involved in those issues.

barmakid said...


You're an idiot of vast proportions. Go do your Obama bashing somewhere else. I recommend Glenn Beck's blog. You'll be in equal company there. And by "equal" I mean equally uninformed and racist.

Socialism!!!! Ahhh!!!

Get used to it, 'cause by God he will be president until 2017. I'm so frikkin tired of your ilk.These racist, right-wing, anti-obama, anti free speech Nazis are no worse than these basiji thugs.

You are the scum on America's taint.

p.s. America's taint is a.k.a. Texas.