Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Protest Outside Russian Embassy in London

People in Iran are chanting 'Down with Russia' and 'Russia, the blood of our martyrs is dripping from your claws' throughout the protests.

In tune with the intense resentment towards Kremlin backers of Ahmadinejad by the people of Iran and rumours that Russian advisers in putting down velvet revolutions are helping Ahmadienjad's rapist junta, Iranian expats staged a demo outside the Russain embassy in London to protest against Russian backing for Ahamdinejad.

The following flyer was handed out to passers by, who mostly shared and approved the animosity towards Russia's consistent support for dictators all over the world.

'Russia Supports Ahamdienjad

Boycott Russian Goods

Hundreds have been killed in Iran; thousands have been imprisoned and injured. More prisoners are dying in Iran’s official and secret detention centres as a result of torture and ill treatment. Iranian people have been made to suffer all this repression so that a savage messianic junta can continue its despotic rule and crush the aspirations of the Iranian people for democracy and basic human rights.

Western democratic countries have condemned the ferocious violence, but Russia was the first to congratulate Ahmadienjad and recognise its illegitimate administration. Ahmadinejad’s first and only foreign trip, so far, after his coup d'état was to Russia to thank his Russian masters, Putin and Medvedev.

Russian advisers in how to put down velvet revolutions are said to be in Iran working closely and guiding the repressive forces of Ahmadinejad. Many of Iran’s interrogators have been trained by the Russians in the art of extracting false confessions from prisoners.

If the Russian support for Ahmadinejad’s messianic junta was not enough, hundreds more Iranians have been killed as a result of unsafe and below the standard Tupolev passenger planes that have been sold to the religious dictatorship in Iran by Russia.

People of Iran have continuously chanted against Russian support for Ahmadinejad in their post coup d'état protests. Today we stand in solidarity with our compatriots and condemn Putin and Medvedev’s support for Ahmadinejad and his cronies. We ask you to boycott Russian goods.

Russia has always supported despotic states.

Its time the world stands up to this despotic state. '

And lets not forget how Kremlin bosses treat their own people. How can any man inflict such unnecessary pain on a fellow human being? and look what cowards they are, covering their faces, because they are scared of being recognised.


Mehrtash said...

"Russian advisers in how to put down velvet revolutions are said to be in Iran working closely and guiding the repressive forces of Ahmadinejad. "

Where can one obtain evidence of such? I will need it for my own records, part of my little project.

When is the next protest, as I would like to be informed so that I can attend.

Many thanks,

Saghar4Iran said...

pathetic monsters

Saghar4Iran said...

pathetic monsters!

Winston said...

Ruskies' governments have always been a pain the butt of the civilized world

SZ said...


so now its Russia.....you are one fucked up freak.

Any person or country who is against your vitriolic ideological neoconservative world view is an inherent evil??

Seriously, have you ever had a coherent position on anything other than Bomb Iran, Attack Iran, Destroy the Iranian Government?

If so, please do post it, you can even go to my newly started blog.