Monday, October 19, 2009

Moussavi Condemns the Suicide Bombing

Mir Hussein Moussavi was quick to condemn the suicide bombing against the elite revolutionary guards that resulted in the killing of more than 40 people in the Sistan and Baluchistan province of Iran, including some of the top revolutionary guards generals.

Suicide bombing, assassination and terrorism is not the way of the Green Movement and Moussavi was right to condemn the act swiftly and decisively.


Sohrab said...


But that said, the regime is reaping what it has sown with its exclusionary policies against Sunni communities. In other words, the regime has gambled Iran's territorial integrity and national unity by oppressing ethno-sectarian minorities. The best way to preserve Iran's territorial integrity and reduce these tensions is to have a secular democracy that recognizes the rights of Iranian minorities.

Hilda, said...

Absolutely right.

SZ said...


Iran has not done anything. It is sad when you can't condemn the attack, and instead blame Iran for its policies.

Its like blaming 9/11 on the US and not on the dirty Arabs that committed the attack.

The fact is that this Jundullah group is supported by the US and probably on some levels by the Israelis. They will be caught, and they will be condemned.

Shaheen Parvizi said...

Salam Potkin jan, manzooret az jonbeshe sabz cheeyeh? Jonbeshi ke ham Ayatollah Sane'i va hamm Googoosh tooshe yek chizeh mozhekeyee. Na saro ta dareh, kamelan vakonesheest va motmaenan zoodgazareh. Vaghteto ba een cheeza talaf nakon. Be reekhto gheeyafat nemeekhoreh pahlevoon panbeh. Boro be zano bachat beress.

Azarmehr said...

kheyli por roo shodi panAhandehi keh too press TV kAr mikardi, nakoneh boyfriende gholdor peydA kardi o fekr mikoni protectet mikoneh. daf'e pish mesle inkeh delam beh hale badbakhtet bikhodi sookht.

Shaheen Parvizi said...

Salam Potkin jan, agar manzooret oon barkhordeh moghabeleh sefareteh iraneh ke mano daavat be daava va kotak-kari kardi, ke vaghean delam be haleh badbakhtet misoozeh. Aslan khabar dari oon kesayi ke khial meekoni rafighetan poshteh saret che harfayee meezanan? Baadam Potkin jan man dar Landan bozorg nashodam, man dar kooche pass koochehaye Tehran bozorg shodam. Baraye man kari nadaeh ye kari konam ke toye antar ye hafteh dar Landan ba sar o soorafteh ba'aad kardeh rah beri. Val bebin man aslan az een harfa khosham neemeyad. man kareei nistam. Eeno gabool meekonam. Vali to nemeetoonee ham moda'yee yek faaleh dorost hesabiyeh seeyasi bashi va dar kenaresh mesleh laato lompanha barkhord koni. Ya gangester bash ya faaleh seeyasi. Dar zemn Potkin jan chera be soaleh man javab nemeedee? Man porsidam een che jonbesheeyee ke har no adami tooshe. Az Karoubiyeh khereft o pakhmeh gerefteh, ta googooli-magoolihaye Los Angeles, khanoomeh Googoosh va yek Basijiyeh tondroo mesleh Mir Hossein Mousavi? Akhe een che jonbesheyee? Mozeh manam roshaneh, hala panahandeh basham ya nabasham, iran beram ya naram. Man ha'ameeyeh Dr. Mohsen Rezai hastam chon oon vaghean yek nasionalisteh. Heyf ke mavazayeh to (mavazeh ke heech aslan maheeyateh to) roshan nist.

Azarmehr said...

من چون آدم ضعیف کشی نیستم دلم به حالت سوخت. به قول خودت تو كه مالی نیستی، دست و پات هم كه میلرزید، ولی حالا میدونم چه جونور پستی هستی

Anonymous said...

Potkin your blog is good. What do you want for Iran? Do you want a moussavi govt for Iran? Do you want Islamic govt gone from Iran? Make yourself very clear. Sorry but if you dont answer straight to questions, you are just fucking with around pretending. MAKE YOURSELF AND WHAT YOU WANT FOR IRAN CLEAR. SPELL IT OUT.

Sohrab said...


By "AGREEING" (see my original comment) with Potkin, I was concurring with the condemnation of the attack.

But you can't draw a parallel between this attack and 9/11. It just doesn't stand. This was an attack from a domestic extremist group from within, while 9/11 was an attack by a non-state actor external to the US. Arab-Americans are not oppressed and are guaranteed to live out their lives as they please. You simply cannot say the same thing about ethnic Sunnis in Shi'a Iran.

barmakid said...

Shaheen Parvizi,

"Dar zemn Potkin jan chera be soaleh man javab nemeedee? Man porsidam een che jonbesheeyee ke har no adami tooshe. Az Karoubiyeh khereft o pakhmeh gerefteh, ta googooli-magoolihaye Los Angeles, khanoomeh Googoosh va yek Basijiyeh tondroo mesleh Mir Hossein Mousavi? Akhe een che jonbesheyee?"

What is a movement supposed to look like - is it supposed to be comprised of just one type of people?

This is a broad movement, where, yes, even the Los Angeles TV hosts can take part as they scream at the top of their Shah-loving lungs. And is Googoosh any less Iranian then you? She has touched the hearts of many Iranians with her music, probably your mother too; I bet she likes Googoosh. Khosham miyat chejooriam yadet raft darbareye daneshjooyan keh roozmareh ehteraz mikonand. Meslekeh fekrat faghat beh googoosh o potkin chaspidan.

Cheh harfhaye bemani mizani. Agar mikhai soal beporsi, had-e-aghal ye soali bepors ke ghabel pasokh dadan bashe. "What kind of movement is this that all people take part it?" HAHA It's a movement an old Iranian fart like you can never understand if you have to ask a question like that.


The Israelis and the US? I feel like you get your information spoon-fed to you by daftar-rahbar. Sure, let's blame USrael and completely forget about Pakistan. That makes a lot of sense. It couldn't have been the ISI or an al-Qaeda supported operation, could it? (sense the sarcasm).

We're dealing with fools here Azarmehr, fools I say.


Azarmehr said...


Here is my response:
Right now what divides us is whether you are for the coup or against the coup.

The coup has to be defeated, if teh coup is defeated then people will become more confident. People's confidence is crucial for any change. And they will not be able to suppress people like they have been.

On the opposite side, if teh coup is not defeated, people will lose confidence that they can ever bring any change and we will have to wait another 30 years before another uprising.

It is all very well for you to be against Moussavi, I was before the elections too, but right now he is in the thick of it and you cant even mention who you are in the cyber space.

As Moussavi recently said in his first internet interview, the Green Movement is a rainbow of all spectrums of Iranian society and all thinkings. Everyone is autonomously contributing their bit. This is what the IR regime agent SHahin PArvizi above who used to work for teh Qods brigade doesnt understand, teh fact that the Green Movement includes from a feamle pop singer to AYatollah Saneii is its strength and thats why its not fizzling out

ایمان said...

پتکین جان
مشکل این بچه کونی هایی كه مثل شاهین قبلا تو سپاه قدس کار میکردن و الان اومدن مثلا پناهنده شدن اینه كه وقتی اسمشون رو گوگل جستجو بکنی اول چیزی كه میاد بلاگ تو هستش. این خیلی براشون گرون تموم میشه. یک مشکل دیگشون هم اینه كه وقتی میان بین تظاهر کنندگان و میخوان جاسوسی کنن و خودشون رو جا بزنن فقط یکی مثل تو هستش كه میاد خرشون رو میگیره و به مردم معرفیشون میکنه. اینم براشون خیلی گرون تموم میشه. خلاصه بگم تو براشون همش هزینه هستی و چشم دیدنت رو ندارن.

Iman Samizadeh said...

The last comment isn't mine and must be a spam, Potkin please remove that one.

barmakid said...

Sohrab is right.


Azarmehr said...

Iman Samizadeh

I know Shahin Parvizi is your friend but hwy do you think you are the only Iman in the wordl?