Sunday, December 27, 2009

Ashura, the Uprising Against Tyranny

Today's Ashura, defiance of righteousness against tyranny

Self hating rich kids at SWP and Pro-Saddam Press TV lackey, George Galloway, himself the 5th richest MP in England will refer to these as 'Affluent North Tehran Kids' kicking the shit out of Baseej thugs :)) 


Arash said...

The Basij are getting their just desserts :)


Winston said...

Love these photos... We'll be victorious!

Sohrab said...

The people are more confident than ever before. Still, I do know that they try to exercise self-restraint and stick to the non-violent principles of the movement. That said, when some subhuman animal is clubbing or shooting you, self-defense is an inherent and natural right. Hence these pictures, which are so satisfying to look at! :)

Unknown said...

Potkin, Thanks for posting the pictures of the rioters attacking the police. Animals like that should be severely dealt with.

The real Yazid is Hashemi Rafsanjani- the billionaire mafia mullah who is fomenting this crisis to protect his family from prosecution.

Anyway, bist-o-do bahman is coming up as is Now Rooz: times for national unity and reconciliation. This is the last "uprising" of the Green movement.

Read Newsweek journalist Maziar Bahari's piece in the Observer today where he admits Ahmadi won the election and that terrorists were behind the demonstrations.

Your propaganda is futile, Potkin.

SZ said...


Its interesting you call them subhuman.....that's what Hitler called the jews....racist much? anti-semitic much?


Who is "We"?? You are sitting in Canada fingering yourself. I am in Tehran right now, and today most of the demonstrations were in Niavaran and on the north side of town. You're an idiot for thinking that this is a nationwide movement. Its been 30 years, and the likes of you have been saying this government will fall for everyday of its existence...not gonna happen! haha..fucking timid fuck.


You're just a plain idiot. Its worthless arguing with you about facts, because to you, everyone is wrong except for you.

Beans said...

"We have captured Tehran!"

Normally a spoof site, they published this today from an Iranian live blogging on the ground.

Nader said...


You were in the toilet today all day wherever you were.

Anonymous said...

Brim over I acquiesce in but I think the brief should prepare more info then it has.

Arash said...

SZ the Basiji

Akhey, are you feeling sorry for your Basiji colleagues getting their arses kicked lol?

برو گم شو، اشغال آخوندزاده

Reza the Traitor:

If you think this is the last uprising of the pro-freedom movement, you have a very bad case of delusions.


Anonymous said...

would love to sign a peace treaty with a free and secular iran


Unknown said...


Why are you so naive and deluded? The people behind this protest movement are the very mullahs you want to "free" Iran from so that it can once again become the 51st state of America.

YOU are the traitor, not I.

SZ said...


I am not even going to bother discussing the facts with you. You are too deep into this dissident crap hole to have any clear vision.

FYI, the basij are not even authorized to use weapons other than batons. The police don't even carry guns to these things.

And also, these very same basij were the ones fighting against Iraq when Iran was invaded, but then again, you claim Iran was at fault for fighting Iraq for 8 years, we should have given up after 2 and spared all the lives lost right? you fucking idiot.

SZ said...


Nice of you to address the issues, people like you add a lot to the conversation. You're a fucking traitor, get lost.

Amir said...

SZ you fucking retard. You love denial so much you should go live in Egypt. I'd laugh at you if I didn't pity you so much.

Anonymous said...


May your soul burn in the heat of 1000 Hells!

Anonymous said...

May God bless the Iranian people in these horrible times!

May God destroy all of the pigs who are destroying a wonderful nation!

The pigs are nothing less than SZ and all the vicious and cruel PIGS who have "primitzed" the Noble Peoples of Iran!



Sohrab said...

"You're just a plain idiot. Its worthless arguing with you about facts, because to you, everyone is wrong except for you."

Hey pot, it's the kettle calling -- you're black!

And Reza, once and for all -- the regime has the overwhelming monopoly on armed force in Iran. Its minions choose to violently target those who seek to exercise their universal rights to assembly and free speech. Therefore, the people's retaliation comports with natural law if not the twisted laws of your soon-to-be overthrown regime.

Nader said...

Shervin Zeinalizadeh

May your Irish mother be ashamed of ever giving birth to a piece of shit like you. If only your football coach Agha Saeed didn't plead with me when he said you are a retard, I would have kicked the shit out of you

Hanif Leylabi said...

Where did we say the protesters are rich kids? hmm don't think we did.

SZ - there have been demos in Tabriz, Rasht, Tehran, Qom, Qazvin, Mashad, Shiraz, Isfahan, Najafabad, Sanandaj, Khoramshahr and Yazd JUST that I have seen and heard of in media. That's pretty nationwide.

We've seen demos from Persians, Azeris and Kurds the 3 largest ethnic groups. We've seen huge participation of women. We have seen statements of support from students, workers organisations, clerics, legal political parties, tolerated illegal dissident groups etc.

This isn't a flash in the pan. This isn't a one of student demo/teacher strike/bus workerer strike.

This is the culmination of 30 years of disappointment frustration and anger.

In the beginning the people defended their revolution against imperialism. Then they defended their country against Iraq. Almost as soon as this was over they elected a moderate in the form of Rafsanjani and then reformist Khatami not too long after. In that time the students, women, ethnic groups etc that gave their blood to fight the oppression of the Shah didn't go away.

They carried on fighting for the ideals of a revolution hijacked by a gang of reactionary pigs who either got their thrills from Taliban style justice or lining their pockets.

No amount of bullets, arrests, torture or rapes can stop this. The only thing that can save this system is if Khamenei annulled the results of the election and declared Mousavi winner.

But even then the people would not stop their demands as this is about far more than one election. Whether Ahmadinejad won, whether he was 1st with less than 50% or whether he lost is unimportant now. The blood spilt on the streets of Tehran and innocence stolen from young men and women by depraved thugs in Kahrizak make a rigged election look like an April Fools joke.

The winds of change are blowing and no human or regime can control the wind. The Shah couldn't in 1979, the USSR couldn't in the late 80s and Khamenei can't do it now.

Prepare to be blown away by the wind that is made from the marching of millions of feet.

Azarmehr said...


You are such a fucking liar. You yourself commented on this blog saying the protesters were affluent north tehran kids, you yourself commented that this was not a revolution that it was people wanting reform within the system. Your scum party repeatedly invited regime apologists and CASMII even Press TV to your meetings. Your scum party publishes photos of beaten up Iranians and says they are afghans beaten at the hands of Americans. Your scum party and that whore of a windbag Lindsey German shared a panel with Galloway just after he called protesters bunch of rich kids. How much can you lie to everyone and how long do you want to live in a lie???

Roya said...


I just saw your profile in facebook. Are you not a bit old to go on holidays with mummsy and dadsy?

Maryam said...


Why don't you simply apoligise for all the spin you have come up with over the years to justify the regime and the way you have tried to rubbish the people who have cared for Iran and have tried to show the world what was really going on Iran? How long do you want to live lie? You are nothing but a coward

Khashayar said...


What we will never forgive you and your SWP douche bags for is the way you constantly tried to rubbish the good people who tried to tell the world what was going on in Iran and instead promoted the most despicable regime apologists, we will never forgive you for that. Shame I don't come across any one selling the Socialist Worker any more or I would have kicked them up the ass.