Thursday, December 03, 2009

Daughter of Martyr Bakeri Condemns the Baseej Atrocities

If you were in Iran and someone paid you a pound for every time you heard the word martyr or read the word martyr on posters and billboards and newspapers you would come back a wealthy person. So much so that you may be sick of hearing the sacred word of martyr because the way it is exploited for a certain political agenda.

Hamid and his brother Mehdi Bakeri are two venerated Iranian martyrs of the war against Saddam's invasion. They died serving at the front, defending Iran. Mehdi Bakeri even returned to the front after he lost one eye in a battle. Their heroic deeds are stuff of legends and this is too short a space to mention their full account.

Here is Hamid Bakeri's daughter, Assieh Bakeri, speaking at a conference held by the Law Faculty Baseej students and this is what she says:

'My uncle was a polite man, you never heard him swear, he did not lie, he did not accuse others, when he did something, he did not blow his trumpet and say to everyone I did this ...Who says my father and my uncle wanted to impose their will on others? my aunts, my father's family were all free to choose how they wanted to think, how they wanted to dress. They loved all their daughters regardless, not because one had a strand of hair sticking out and the other didn' say you respect my father and uncle, look what they did to us when I spoke out...' Then she talks about how Ahamdienjad's billionaire interior minister, Sadegh Mahsouli, in the last disputed election, mistreated her father when Mahsouli was in charge of the revolutionary guards in Oroumieh, North West Iran. She continues 'No one knew my father and my uncle better than my family, If my father and my uncle were alive today, they would not have tolerated these atrocities carried out in the name of the martyrs by the Baseej against the people today. If they were alive today they would be in prison now' and with that she leaves the podium after a mixed reception.

So there we have it, so much for the regime's exploitation of our beloved martyrs who if they were alive today would no doubt once again stood by the people of Iran and defended them.

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