Saturday, December 26, 2009

Tonight's Protests in Iran

Tomorrow once again justice will rise up against tyranny in Iran. Meanwhile some footage of protests throughout Iran on the eve of Ashura.

Protests in Kashan:

"This is the month of blood, Supreme Leader is overthrown this month"

"Khameneii is a murderer, his reign is annulled"

"Down with the principle of jurisprudence of the theologian"

People's reaction in a bus when they see a young man being arrested. "This is the month of blood, Yazid will be overthrown"

Protests into the night "Towards Ashura"

'I will fight I will die - I will take back my homeland'


Neda Mehregan said...

This terrorist regime is on its last legs. They've had a good run of 31 years of tyranny, oppression and blood shed. Now their time's up.
It is now our turn to reclaim our homeland and push the occupiers out.

Aryamehr said...


What do you think of the pro-Khomeini chants which you can hear "green-supporters" chanting in several clips like this (hearing chants like this really worries me: "salle alla mohammad booye khomeini amad!" - i don't even know what the initial arabic part of this chant means but to me this seems like a chant a fanatical basij would chant!):

Do these young men and women, who were born post-1979 and were conditioned under the Islamic Republic's educational system, successfully brainwashed into believing Khomeini was a positive influence on Iranian society (which is as far from the truth you can get) or are these slogans pretexts to conduct their acts of civil disobedience and voicing their rejection of the system?? (which is what I hope it is).

This clip on Khomeini's view on "islamic freedom" was uploaded today:

And this...:

Winston said...

the regime is on the verge of collapse from within

Anonymous said...

Brave old lady leading the chant in the bus. Death to the dictator:

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Khameni to declare himself as Mahdi

SZ said...

It's obvious to any objective person that this whole mess in Iran is concentrated to a bunch of young kids who want to be like the kids in the US and UK...that is, be able to drink, have sex with hookers, and not wear their hejab in public.

When people start desecrating the memory of our prophet and when they start cursing the very man who has so far been lenient in dealing with them (Khamenei) you know its time to put an end to this.

Soon you will see either this movement stops completely, or the Pasdaran will handle these so called protestors....let's see how much they curse the government, when they are behind bars in Evin.

Amir said...

SZ - you know the discontent runs much deeper than the cheap statements you make. These protestors are fed up with the corruption, abuse of power, high cost of living & high rate of unemployment. You are such a fool. Look at the workers Who haven't been paid salaries and trade unions for some your answers. Your regime spin doesn't wash anymore. Stop talking shit and wake up you fucking moron.

Maggie said...

there are people who read this blog who are not Iranian, but who remember the fall of the Shah of Iran.

The continuation of the demonstrations and the bloody attempt at suppressing the people is exactly the same as 30 years ago.

This is not just a "few rich kids"; indeed I have seen lots of videos that shows you are the liar because over and over again the people who are involved are older people.

Your side is losing. You are sounding more and more desperate with your lies. We, who are not Iranians, do not believe you.

Ahmanutjob is a member of the illegitimate regime. Just like the turd Khamenei he has seized power. Both of these turds believe the fairy story of the 12th imam and they obviously want to create an international incident.

It is the people of Iran, who in rising up right now, have the power to stop this pair of power-hungry lunatics from continuing to create havoc.

Maggie said...

With regard to comments by the turd, Reza, re: Rafsanjani.

I do not know if what he says is true with regard to Rafsanjani. What I do know is that this particular man has been President and influential in the past. He made mistakes too but he is not the one who is power hungry. It is the turd Khamenei who is the murderous monster of Iran. It is Khamenei who deserves to die, sooner than later.

When the regime falls this time, the reign of the mullahs will be over for good. I do not know what will happen to either Rafsanjani or to Kharoubi, or even Khatami. What I do know that these men have put their own lives on the line through their alliance with the people. If they are needed to guide the new regime then so be it... they will have their day.. however short it might be...

SZ said...


Wrong on all counts once again.

The people of Iran by and large support the government, sure the have grievances just like anyone else who lives in other countries do about their government, but they don't want a secular western style democracy like you idiots think they do.

Show me one legitimate source about your claim that workers have not been paid, and that labor unions have not been paid.

Don't sit there and assume you know what the people are unhappy about, from your armchair in the UK or USA. I live among these very same people who go out and protest, and I can guarantee you that the majority of them are upper middle class urbanized people who think they won the election, when they really lost it.

This government, has the support of the MAJORITY of Iranians, you don't have to believe it, but its still a fact.

So why don't you open your eyes and shut the fuck up about my country. People like you are a dime a dozen and don't hold any value.