Tuesday, December 29, 2009

North Tehran Affluent Kids Again :)))

If only we could all be working class like £8000/episode Press TV presenter, George Galloway and the Ladee daa kids in the SWP :))))))))


Hanif Leylabi said...

when did the SWP say it was just north tehran rich kids demonstrating? You keep saying this but haven't demonstrated it once.

jams o donnell said...

Well the S and the W in SWP stand for student and w**ker respectivelty

Sohrab said...


Don't be such a piece of shit liar. I myself debated you many times before and initially right after the uprising. Back then, you kept insisting that discontent with and opposition to the IRI was limited to the affluent parts of Tehran. Then, when you realized that world public opinion supports the uprising and when you couldn't deny the reality on the videos and photos, suddenly you switched your perspective and now all of a sudden you are the green movement's number 1 fanboy.

Do you know what we call people like you? Unprincipled, that's what. At least SZ, Reza, etc. are consistent in their blind support of the IRI. You, on the other hand, are a former lackey pretending to be an opposition supporter all along. Not to say we don't welcome your change of heart and change of mind. But the first step for you would be to do some public and thoughtful self-reflection and admit that you contemptuously dismissed the opposition when it was nascent and only supported it when it became an international phenomenon.

Until you acknowledge this, you will be Hanif the Kasif, the unprincipled and fickle socialist kid.

Azarmehr said...

Sohrab you are expecting too much from these rich kid spotty faced revolutionaries like Hanif the Kasif. They will deny their own mother to look and sound like a revolutionary.

The evidence is here in this footage. This is just a few days before the 'election'

On this occasion these pieces of shit even invited Press TV and they set their Iranian embassy goons on Arash who had come late and was stuck by the door on his own.

One of their SWP members Dominique Kavakebian is a half Iranian regime apologist whose father is a wealthy hezbollahi in Iran, and he had invited Press TV.

The guy who has posted this video Ady Cousins, who keeps removing our comments is also an SWP member who shopped me to his local police. Such revolutionaries :))) they shop me to the police :))))

Anonymous said...

Hanif eats the bowels of pigs.

Nader said...

SWP Hanif Leylabi's past quotes just in this blog:

On the pro-government Qods Rally:
'Go to Tehran on ruz e qods and see how many are wearing the keffiyeh. Or do they not count as Iranians because you disagree with them?'

On the rights of women in Iran after 1979

"Economic rights, education rights etc are more important. And these have improved vastly since 1979. Only the rich women have seen their rights fall as a whole.

Anonymous said...


According to comrade Leylabi, “… the SWP doesn’t oppose independent working class organisation in Iran. It supports it. But we believe that the best way we can help is by stopping a war, because we are fighting our ruling class: we are not fighting the clerics.”

Sohrab said...

No response, Leylabi disappeared into thin air like the coward that he is.

Anonymous said...

Hanif has probably gone on holiday again with Mumsy and Dadikins somewhere posh before he comes back to uni again and pretend to act like a revolutionary