Monday, December 07, 2009

Some of the Footage from Today

Iran's tri-colour flag without the IRI emblem waved by the students at Khajeh Nassir university today

Students surrounding the Baseej and taunting them by waving bank notes at them at Amir Kabir University

Young and old taking part in the protests and chanting specifically against the Supreme Leader


Sohrab said...

If we analogize we the fall of the Shah, at what point in the revolution are we right now, Potkin? Students are as energized as can be. People are bitter and have lost their fear. External pressure (at least on the dossier) is being churned up. The diaspora is awakened and united as can be, minus douche bags like Reza, of course.

Are we talking one year? Less than that?

Unknown said...

Policeman being beaten by students.

What do you say to that?

Azarmehr said...


I say now without a doubt Middleeastonline is a regime site. That picture first of all is not from today's protests. Secondly if you had been following the news properly and seen the relevant pictures you would realise that the protesters actually protected that policeman after he fell off his bike.

You lot really suck!

Anonymous said...

Khomeini: "Unpopular leaders must go
Neauphle le chateau, France, 1978

Khamenie, take heed and listen to your evil master.

Here is Khomeini in 1978 asking for help from governments and people of the world to overthrow the Shah:

Khomeini interview in 1978:
Khomeini in the interview believes that the peoples of the world, and the governments of the world, should step in and affect a regime change in Iran to save Iranians from Human Rights abuses and the tyranny of the Shah's regime.

Unknown said...

LOL, Potkin!

Middle East online is run by some Arabs with no real love for Persians like us. It turns out that they took down Kaveh's article on Neda when Iason complained about it and when they read your attack on him.

Now, are you saying the greenshits have been entirely peaceful? Have they not thrown molotov cocktails and stones, burnt buses and even attacked a military compound where 7 of them were shot?

Btw, Sohrab: The Shah gave in to the Khomeini people. Ahmadinejad and Khamenei will ride this out.
You don't understand the hezbollahi mentality.

Anonymous said...


"Gary Sick's argument that the Revolutionary Guards have carried out a soft coup behind the scenes and Iran looks more and more like a military junta."

Arash said...

Well done to all the brave students who took part in these protests, they make us proud. Good on them for refusing to wave the Arabo-Islamic IRI flag...the only thing that flag's good for is a bonfire.


SZ said...


Yes, everything that is against your anti-Iran belief is a regime about sucking.


During the Shah, out of a population of 30 million, about 10-14 million would openly curse the Shah and partake in protests. Thats about 30-50% of the Iranian populace. Today, and during all the protests, there wasn't more than 5 million people who showed up for the protests, unfortunately for you, Iran has a total population of about 70 million people.

What you don't understand is that the majority of Iranians, by and large support the Government and its policies. The upper middle class, and the urbanized middle class support changes in the system and thats why they are protesting. The students who are in Tehran, are historically more liberal than the populace at large. So its no surprise that you see students protesting against the government, what you won't see however, is 30-50% of Iranians showing up agains the government.
Get it through you thick head, the Iranian government will remain for as long as we all live.

Anonymous said...

SZ and Reza: How much do you and your families stand to lose if the regime is toppled? Do your parents likely to lose their businesses or jobs? Or they have bloodied hands and are afraid of being brought up to justice? Which is it? What is the real motivation behind your desparate fear of the decaying regime being overthrown?

SZ said...


what is your interest in toppling the regime. what do you stand to gain. who is paying you to post bullshit about Iran and accuse Iranians on this blog?

You see how stupid you sound idiot? So you claim that Iranians that support our country and government have something to gain or lose with regards to our government? Get the fuck out of here you stupid idiot. This is exactly why dissidents are considered traitors all around Iran. Thats why you live abroad. Fucking ignorant prick.