Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Twisted World of Socialist Workers Party Scum

Been meaning to write about this but with so much news coming from Iran, this was at the bottom of the pile of lists of things to do. Remember this picture? One of the many victims of the campaign against "thugs and hoodlums" in Iran by the Islamic Republic hooded police. Another blatant abuse of human rights in Iran that the SWP friends of the Islamic Republic chose to ignore.

They didn't just ignore human rights abuses in Iran this time though. The SWP cartoonist Leon Kuhn revamped the facts, as SWP usually do, and reproduced it as a picture of a poor Afghan citizen being abused by American soldiers!
and as usual you can't leave any comments on their fact twisting articles.

Honestly, have you ever come across anything lower than SWP scum, their CASMII friends and their aristocratic guest speakers??

The original photos can be seen here:


Unknown said...

Potkin: you live in London.

What do you think about the treatment of Iam Tomlinson who was beaten to death by British police at the G20 protests back in April?

Was that OK? Do you think the killing of 14 unarmed civil rights demonstrators in Derry was also OK?

Can your British masters do no wrong?

Arash said...

These scum make me ashamed to be a liberal. They're on the same level as the BNP as far as I'm concerned. Thank Christ that they're rightfully regarded as a loony minority.


Claudia Clare said...

Vintage Azarmehr if I may say so - keep up the good work, Potkin! xC

Anonymous said...

Reza: You are a disgrace to humanity. I hope you are put on trial some day for treason against Iran.

On the other hand, God has already punished you by making you vile and evil. You think you can fool god by reading quaran 24/7???


Winston said...


Unknown said...


Put me on trial, then!

I have nothing to hide. I support the Islamic Government of Iran and not those exiled groups and foreigners seeking to overthrow it to the tune of $400m.

Jomhouri Eslami zendeh bash!

Neda Mehregan said...

Wake up; even Basijis are coming out and telling the truth. Don't hide behind lies. Islamic Republic's time is running out

Arash said...

Reza the Traitor:

جمهوری اسلامی و هوادارانش یک مشت مادر جنده هستند


Winston said...

Seems this arse-hole Reza is not even an Iranian. His Farsi sucks. LoL

Sohrab said...

"What do you think about the treatment of Iam Tomlinson who was beaten to death by British police at the G20 protests back in April?"

Yet another bait and switch argument - trying to shift the terms of the debate. Potkin or any other person might have any number views about the events you describe. You can think what the British police did in this particular situation was wrong AND, at the same time, condemn the far more brutal and systematic oppression the regime dishes out to the Iranian people on a daily basis.

What I just did Reza is called demonstrating intellectual maturity, which includes being able to see shades of grey and being able to handle moral complexity. What you do is intellectually immature. Your argument always amounts to: "the West did wrong and such and such a situation; therefore, no one can criticize the IRI period."

Anonymous said...

I wish they only did cartoons, but the SWP are also passing on information about Iranian activists to the Iranian embassy in London.