Thursday, December 24, 2009

Baseej Thugs in Isfahan

Just how many Baseej thugs and Law Enforcement Forces with  truncheons does it take to arrest one Iranian woman? How much of a coward are these lackeys and mercenaries?


Sohrab said...


And the other apologists are clear accomplices. Thankfully, they are on the wrong side of history.

Anonymous said...

Several young people from the green movement attended a ceremony held December 23, 2009 in the annex of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran (Neuilly sur Seine) to protest the events currently unfolding in Iran.

During the ceremony four girls from the green movement were arrested and held by the embassy's security services.

Police forced the embassy security services to release the young women.

Upon release they reported having been violently beaten, robbed of their personal effects, mistreated and photographed. They stated that they had been interrogated for over an hour in the basement of the embassy.

Embassy authorities also forced them to sign documents stating they were forbidden to enter any premises belonging to the Islamic Republic of Iran in Paris. Embassy authorities also demanded their addresses in France as well as in Iran.

The four young women also recounted the following:

During the ceremony Mr. Emami (embassy staff member) threatened to kill any person opposing the regime and called on all Muslims to do the same.

Ms. Mir Aboutorabi (wife of the Iranian ambassador in France) issued death threats to the four young girls.

Mr. Javadi, (Iran's head consular officer in France) violently struck one of the girls and attempted to strangle a second.

11 people were threatened with death.

2 young women are currently filing charges for assault and battery.

3 young men are also filing charges.

From: Bahram

Anonymous said...

Iran 'to invalidate' banknotes defaced by slogans
Iran's central bank has said defaced banknotes are to be made invalid, after the appearance of opposition slogans on money, local media report.

They quote bank official Ebrahim Darvishi as saying that people possessing defaced banknotes should exchange them by 8 January.

It was difficult to distinguish genuine defaced notes from fakes, he added.

Messages in support of the opposition have been appearing on banknotes since June's disputed presidential election.


Winston said...


Mehrtash said...

All this non-violent protesting is damaging the innocence of the victimised Iranians, and subjecting them to more vile abuses at the blood-stained hands of the IRI authorities/representatives/apologists.

It is high time for a violent reprisal.

SZ said...


You can't even see anything in that 56 second clip! Do you continue to base your belief that Iran's government is collapsing and that there is a revolution happening on Youtube clips?

That clip shows nothing, it just shows a crowd of people arguing and yelling, and some woman screaming.

Seriously, if you are going to post evidence of Iran's regime falling, I hope you have pinned your hopes on more than a 56 second clip on Youtube which shows nothing! haha.

Arash said...

کس ننه هر چی بسیجی


Arash said...

Oh, SZ, my comment was directed towards slime like you and your colleagues in Iran.


Heather of Iowa said...

Our hearts are with you here in America, even if our President seems to not be. (government officials are so weak in every country) We are praying here for all of you at our church, and we are angered and disgusted at how you all are treated. We grieve at the loss of life you have experienced. We also paid for our freedom with blood over 200 years ago-please know that many ordinary Americans stand with you now.