Thursday, December 17, 2009

Listen to Hamid Molana

I am posting this video with a translation of what this Hamid Molana is saying to make the English speaking audience understand why we resent such turncoats and sychophants. Hamid Molana, who owes everything he has to a US scholarship he received after the tragic death of his parents was also a chum of another Mahmoud, the playboy party loving Prince Mahmoud Reza Pahlavi and a regular VIP at the Key Club, Tehran discotheque and nightclub visited by the elite prior to the 1979 revolution. He is now Ahmadienjad's personal advisor on international affairs and travels back and forward regularly to the USA, in fact he still lives in the US and still holds his academic posts there.

Here it is, the words of wisdom by Dr. Hamid Molana, US scholar in international relations and policy advisor to Mahmoud Ahmadienjad:

'I have to say it tonight, to my dear compatriots that these riots that they have instigated, these provocations that they have started, these plans that they have designed are doomed to fail, because the people of Iran, the very same people, the 40 million who voted in the ballot box, the people in the countrysides, in the provinces, with the enthusiasm that even surprised the whole world, in all seriousness, never in my entire life, no where in the world did I ever see such a reception and participation.

Many ask me, Mr. Molana why is it that when you say such things they[the US] don't bother you? I want to give an answer here to this, you see I have made many criticisms about America, I still criticise its foreign policy, but never do I want to overthrow its system illegally, [nervous laughter], I never go on the street and take part in an uprising, and no where in my writings have I said I want to return America into a monarchy, to bring back the former king of England and do such things, our regime has such a high status that no other regime has, everyone has presidents, everyone has prime ministers, all have ministers but we have the Supreme Leader and the system of Jurisprudence of the Theologian

We can criticise the government, even the regime, but we can not do an uprising against the regime, we can not cross the red line'


Winston said...

A Nuremberg style trial is a must once this crazy rapist regime is gone and this arse has to stand trial for treachery and treason

Sohrab said...

What a nauseating fellow.