Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Two More Footage from 7th December Protests in Iran

This footage is from the protests in Yazd. The girl who is filming the savage charge is screaming, "This is the Islamic Republic, Open youer eyes"

Here the students chant "Death to Khameneii" right in front of the police who seem unable to arrest the protesters outside the gate:


Sohrab said...

"No no, this movement is limited to North Tehran."

"It's the rich North Tehranis who have benefited of late and now they are mad that Ahmadinejad is forcing them to clean up their acts and is helping out the provinces."

There are made your arguments for you, SZ and Reza -- EXCEPT LOOK AT THE FUCKING VIDEOS!

Anonymous said...

Savagery of the IRI:

Anonymous said...

The way they have gone about humiliating this brave young man has deeply upset Iranians. Here I will share some of what I have found on the subject of Majid Tavakkoli's arrest and the pictures in which he appeared with "maghna'eh".

Some tweets:

1. Khameni's picture in maghna'eh:

اگه بنا باشه یه نامرد تو دنیا لچک سر کنه،تویی
کسی که کنج بیت از وحشت لچک سر کرده تویی،مجید در هر لباسی برای مردم یه مرد بزرگه.

2. مجید جان ، ما نیز چون تو لباس بپوشیم ، تو اعتبار هر لباسی

3. رهبر معظم انقلاب لباس زنان را به تن کرده اند.

4. رهبر ما آن جوان 23 ساله ایست که حکومت برای تحقیرش لباس زنانه بر تنش می کند، غافل از این که تن ادمی شریف است به جان آدمیت

5. خامنه ای به گوش باش: اگر یک تار موی مجید توکلی کم شود مملکت را روی سر تو و همه کودتا گران خراب می کنیم.

6. وقتی شایعه دستگیری مجید توکلی با روسری را از دروغ پردازی های کودتا
شنیدم، یاد جواب بنی صدر به فخرالدین حجازی در باره فرارش در هیبت زنانه
افتادم. "در تفکر کسانی که این شایعه را درست کرده اند، زن پست است. و
پوشیدن لباس نظامی نشانه افتخار" . و تاریخ حقیقت حرف بنی صدر را به خوبی
نشان میدهد

7. اهای دیکتاتور! میخواهیم با لباس دخترانه سرنگونت کنیم

From blogs:

1.مجید جان شما تو هر لباسی افتخار مایی.


اگر زن بودن تحقیر است پس من زنم!

3. شرمتان باد که دانشجوی مظلوم مملکتی را که بر آن حکومت میکنید را چنین به مضحکه و تمسخر گرفته اید /به روز موعود نزدیک میشویم

4. خطاب به کودتاگران درباره سناریو از قبل طراحی شده برای 16 آذر و مظلومیت مجید توکلی : حنای شما

دیگر رنگی ندارد

5. زنده باد مجید


1. سوء استفاده های مهمتر از پوشش اسلامی!

2. موج حمایت از مجید توکلی، دانشجوی منتقد رهبرپس از دستگیری در 16 آذر

3. «دیکتاتوری از مجید توکلی کینه دارد»

4. انجمن اسلامی دانشگاه امیرکبیر: تمامی دانشجویان دربند استبداد، افتخار جنبش دانشجویی هستند چه با لباس زنانه چه با لباس مردانه

And finally, here are what the insulting pictures look like. Anybody looking at them would know that they were taken under duress. Shame on IRI, shame.

Anonymous said...

Iran’s State Media Mocks Arrested Student Leader Pictured in Women’s Clothing
New York Times / ROBERT MACKEY
Two days after student protests across Iran demonstrated that the dispute over June’s presidential election is not over, Iranian bloggers responded with fury to reports by the country’s state-supported media that a prominent student leader had been dressed as a woman when he was arrested on Monday in Tehran.

On Tuesday, Iran’s Fars News Agency — which is affiliated with the powerful Revolutionary Guards Corps — published a report claiming that the student activist, Majid Tavakoli, was disguised as a woman when he was detained after addressing a demonstration on the campus of Amir Kabir University in Tehran on Monday.

To illustrate its story, Fars published 5 photographs of Mr. Tavakoli covered by the type of cloak women are compelled to wear in the Islamic Republic, along with this image of him addressing the crowd before his arrest:

This image of Mr. Tavakoli speech seems to be genuine since it closely matches video of him speaking that was uploaded to YouTube. But after the images of Mr. Tavakoli in the... >>>

Unknown said...


Mousavi won support from 10m people outside of Tehran according to the official figures. The simple fact is, however, that the protests outside of the big cities have been virtually non-existent. 75% of Iranians live in the villages, towns and small cities.

Btw, here is a video which proves that Poktin is in touch with Mehdi Karroubi and that he is not simply the anti-regime activist he claims to be. He has also refused to criticise Hashemi Rafsanjani as have journalists like Roger Cohen.

Like the cockney accent, Potkin! It suits you.

Unknown said...


Rafsanjani and Karroubi have apparently "changed" and are now acceptable.

10 years ago he would have been labelling Hashemi as a regime leader and blaming him for killing intellectuals etc.


Anonymous said...

the first thing is that, those that dont know anything about politics and taken strategies towards failed states like Iran,dont have the authenticity to assert Potkin or anyone else as a supporter of X or Y. the second thing is that :Hey ones concept of a video does not necessary suggest any analytical assumption based on Potkin's opinions on Rafsanjani or Karroubi. please read something on philosophical fallacies to recognize what your mistakes are. but if you dont get time I could describe what they are? what you have said about Potkin is termed as fallacy of irrelevant association ; which is just and just based on a video without knowing anything about its broadcasting time and the epochal events of June!!!
furthermore, dont u know what strategy mean? if so, go and look at wikipedia( while it is not an authentic referencing website!!) in order to get some idea about it.
have you ever thought that what any options do we have except supporting unhappy sons of our lovely revolution!!!
what have our lovely oppositions done during last 30 years!!??
if you still do not know
go and watch this lovely masterpiece video and then ..come and drop some lines here

Nader said...

reza esfandiari jendeh bozorg

This is all your lot could put together

Unknown said...

I doubt if Potkin knows many people outside of Tehran or has visited these places.

How can someone who has not lived in Iran since 1981 become a judge of the situation there?

Here are Iran's demographics

1) 25% of people live in Tehran and the metropolitan areas like Tabriz and Shiraz.

2) 25% live in urban cities like Yazd and Rasht.

3) 19% live in suburban areas - small towns like Ashtiyan.

4) 31% live in the villages.

I dare Potkin to find me protestors in 3) and 4).

Afarin Maleki-Raei said...

This is just more Zionist intervention in our homeland and we have fell for it hook, line and sinker! However the Zionist are close to extermination and Iran shall thrive once again.
Filthy Joohoods will be destroyed.