Saturday, December 19, 2009

Massive Set Back for the Regime

It was supposed to have been a day for the regime supporters to publicly display their force. Under the guise of protesting against Green supporters tearing up Ayatollah Khomeini's pictures, they thought they can rally their support after Friday prayer and through their usual rent a crowd techniques gather up a huge crowd. Yet it turned out to be the most damning evidence of the massive collapse amongst the regime's supporters. Even the Shah in his last days had managed to muster a bigger crowd than this. All of the pro-regime media were set to broadcast these images of "huge crowds" they had hoped for. When the crowd in Tehran did not even stretch 300 metres long, the State TV didn't dare to broadcast the pro-government rally live. Pro-regime websites remained unusually muted about the pro-government rally and had to suffice with a few close up pictures and avoid long shots.

Moussavi and Karroubi played their cards brilliantly. First they challenged the authenticity of the images of Ayatollah Khomeini's picture being torn and condemned the repeated showing of the suspicious scene on State TV, then they asked for a permit themselves to protest against this. A double edged sword that baffled the coup administration. If they gave permit for a rally, it would have been yet another opportunity for millions to turn up on the streets, and if they didn't, then so much for their claims that they had been offended by these images. Unable to decide what to do with the request for a permit, the government announced their own rally. Once again Moussavi and Karroubi intelligently called on their supporters to stay away. Even some of those who had attended the Friday prayers refused to join the rally afterwards. The most optimistic estimate of the pro-government supporters rally yesterday is 10,000 in Tehran. More realistic figures are between 5000 to 7000. Where there is no doubt however is that it was a huge public set back for the regime.

As it is rumoured to have been stated in a Supreme National Security Council meeting, the support for the regime has seen a 'velvet collapse'.


Winston said...

the clock is ticking

SZ said...


according to you, the clock has been ticking for 30 years! get over yourself, this government has the support of the people and always will.

You are nothing but a traitor, I mean come on, even your name is a farse. Timid fucks like you don't deserve the time of day.

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