Friday, December 04, 2009

Neda's Mother: You Have Killed my Daughter Stop this Masquerade

A handful of government organised Baseej 'students' demonstrated outside the British embassy in Tehran demanding the return of Dr.Arsh Hejazi, whom they have charged [not even accused any more] as Neda's killer! See :

They also staged a pathetic street theatre show in which one Baseeji played the role of the BBC reporter, Jon Leyene, filming Neda's death while another Baseeji played the role of Arash Hejazi, who according to them is supposed to be an MI6 agent who shot Neda in the back with the help of another unknown accomplice!!

In response to all this, Neda's mother burst into tears and said 'Enough is enough, They killed my daughter and now they are performing this masquerade. They tried to pressure me into silence and once they even let it slip that they have footage of me and my daughter in previous protests. This shows they had targeted my daughter and they killed her on purpose, now they are setting up this theatre outside the British embassy'

Neda's mother also said she was detained for several hours and threatened during the 4th November protests. 'I want to scream and shout you killed my daughter, what do you want from her now? For God's sake stop'


Sohrab said...

When it comes to Neda, Sohrab, and the other murders, the regime doesn't know whether to shit or piss right now -- hence these sad, desperate attempts at home and the work of the Afrasiabis of the world abroad.

Unknown said...

How would Neda's mother or her boyfriend actually know who killed her? Neither of them were present at the time when she was shot.

I also can't believe the mother would object to some street reenactment but be OK with having her daughter's dying moments broadcast all over the world so that some sick people can take an interest in this sort of grim detail.

Btw, Potkin, do you believe that Diana died in a "tragic car accident" or that David Kelly killed himself? Was MI6 not involved in their deaths?

Why are you standing up for the British Establishment? Do you think they did a good job in 1953?

Azarmehr said...

Neda's Mother and Fiancé know because they were arrested and saw how the authorities are trying desperately to put pressure on them to concord with their ridiculous stories. Neda's parents know because when they were arrested on 4th Nov, they told them how dare you come out protesting, dont you know we will do what we did to your daughter?

As for 1953, it was your beloved mullahs who ordered their mob to overthrow Mussadegh, as you well know they have never had any love for the secular Mussadegh.

Unknown said...

Oh so the CIA-MI6 coup of 1953 should be renamed the mullah coup? I suppose Ayatollah Kashani deserves all the blame?

Of course the regime would want to apply pressure on Neda's family and the boyfriend to say what actually happened and not what the BBC wants the world to know as they did with that sham documentary.

Mr Makan has since lied - he said Neda was a "natural leader" of the Green movement with a large following. But before then, he said she was not political in any way.

Amir said...

Really reza, you need to stop this nonsense. An Irish journalist with no credible source for her quote ( which she didn't even attribute in name to Dr Hejazi) is no way to back up your lie. Give it up you muppet, you have nothing anymore to support this bullshit.

The more these donkies in the regime keep winding people up the more they are encouraging their own downfall. As sad as it is for the people suffering, I want them to continue to be foolish so the turning point comes sooner rather than later.

Khaak bar sareh hamatoon keh in regime ghatel ra hemayat mikonin.

Fereydon Abdollahyan said...

گفت و گو با علی آقا سلطان، پدر ندا آقا سلطان Interview with Ali Agha Soltan Father of Neda 4 Dec 09.