Sunday, December 27, 2009

Riot Guards Beg for Forgiveness

People have cornered these security forces. People ask them 'why do you do this to your people?' and the riot guards ask for forgiveness, 'Bebakhshid' they can be heard to say.

'You are Yazid's - the Khalif against whom the Ashura uprising took place -forces', the woman shouts at them. One of the protesters then reassures them that they will not be beaten up, all they have to do is say Khameneii is a bastard. The woman can then be heard saying 'All you can do is kill your people is it?' and again they plead saying 'Please We are not killers'.

The sooner they join the people, the sooner they will redeem themselves with the people of Iran.


Winston said...

These assholes have to understand their only way out is to join the freedom movement or people will tear them apart.

Arash said...

Awe inspiring.

By rights these scumbags ought to be torn to pieces by the people, yet they are not harmed.


Adam Neira said...

Prayers for the good people of Persia. The citizens deserve a future of stability, order, peace and prosperity no matter who the leaders are. It is terrible to see countrymen fighting each other. They would also be well served to seek peace with their neighbours and other countries in the region and world.

saggezard said...

These basijis are Naghdi's hired killers, they deserve no mercy.

World Affairs Guy said...

Excellent video! The fact that these people did not destroy those thugs should illustrate to the world that average Iranians represent a civilized people, very capable of integration into the free world. It is unfortunate that this country is governed by a vicious, criminal and power hungry group of animals that do not represent the belief or will of their people. I sincerely hope for a successful regime change with minimal loss of life and look forward to welcoming a free Iran into the global community.

World Affairs Guy

Anonymous said...

Winston is oh so right! May God protect the brave Iranians!

Anonymous said...

What will happen if Israel strikes the nuclear military sites? Clearly Obama (USA President) will not lift a finger to give at least lip-service to all the suffering PERSIANS (The peoples who own this Great Land). If the limpwristed weakling US president atacks the nuke sites, what will the reactions of the Iranian peoples be? Will they rally behind the vicious religious leaders?

God help our world!

Anonymous said...

Potkin is a stupid pork eating coward who wears women's clothes so he doesn't need to be a man, only a faggot!

Anonymous said...

NEVER FORGET who the Baseej are once they try to blend back into society after the fall of the Dictators to the PEOPLE!

Hunt them down as Jews hunt down Nazi warriors from World War Two.

They are either WITH US, or THEY ARE AGAINST US!

Make your bed becasue you will soon be lying in it, you CRUEL COWARDLY PIGS!

Anonymous said...

Arash , are you out of your mind? Violence is going to make things worse for this movement.

Arash said...


I don't recall advocating violence, I said that by rights they *deserved* violent treatment, and even then I noted the supreme magnanimity of the Iranian people in managing to not harm those murderers.