Wednesday, January 06, 2010

After 6 Months this is All Press TV Could Come up

Six months after Neda's callous murder, this is all Press TV could come up with to refute Neda's murder at the hands of the Baseej. Pathetic beyond belief and deserves a complaint to the incompetent OFCOM:

The program is clearly not balanced. There is no opportunity for someone who opposes the Islamic Republic's version of Neda's murder, including Dr. Arash Hejazi who is accused in the program, to make a comment. The viewer is simply fed with the regime's propaganda broadcast through Press TV.

Remember anyone can complain, even those outside UK.

It was shown as a package and part of the News throughout the following schedule

2010-01-05 News Full

GMT Tehran
20:00 23:30
21:00 00:30
22:00 01:30
23:00 02:30

2010-01-06 News Full

GMT Tehran
00:00 03:30
01:00 04:30
02:00 05:30
04:00 07:30
05:00 08:30
06:00 09:30
07:00 10:30


Dariush said...

It's unbelievable that the BBC is banned and blocked in Iran yet the UK government continue to allow the regimes propaganda machine to air in the UK.

I remain convinced that the regime either has people in high places here in UK government or there is some money being traded behind the scenes!!

Anonymous said...

Latest garbage by Flynet Leverette:

Nader said...

This is fucking outrageous, if OFCOM let this one go then we need to shutdown OFCOM. They are accusing a person living in UK of murder and yet they don't give him air time. Un fucking believable. OFCOM heads must roll...

Kaveh Binesh said...

WEll, this ridiculous piece of footage is good enough to show Press TV biased agenda, however would this be enough to get them off the air? In any case I think we should start a facebook campaign immediately to get everyone to write a complaint.

SZ said...


Don't shit your pants! It's ok, the government of Iran will be around for a long time, don't stress! haha

Iman Samizadeh said...

Disgusting news report I ever came across. Undoubtedly the Press TV run by the most stupid and senseless of IRI animals.

Kaveh Binesh said...

Does anyone know the title of this program and the exact time it was broadcasted?

Hidden Author said...

While I oppose the IRI, let me play the devil's advocate here: Shouldn't you as an advocate of free speech refrain from complaining to a body that restricts free speech?

Siavash said...

Keep it Up Potkin! I would appreciate if you could highlight any further biased Press TV garbage, as we all could take a joint action against it.
we should also not allow the Leveretts to get away with their latest nonsense!

Neda Mehregan said...

OFCOM is not the only useless regulatory organisation.
I wrote to the Charity Commission in September complaining against the activities of Khamenei's office in London and the dubious source of its finances.
I got a letter back saying "It is not within our remit to comment on this particular issue!"
It went on to say" We will generally get involved in cases where :
- the purposes of a charity are not being carried out
- the assets of a charity are substantially at risk
-The charity trustees are acting outside of their powers or are in other ways breaking charity law
- The administration of a charity has completely broken down
Further guidance and the types of issues in which we can become involved and the evidence that we need to support your complaint can be found in our CC47 publication which can be downloaded from our website at"

I'm sure Khamenei's office is involved in supporting terrorist activities or using suspect funds to carry out its sinister work. We just need to find out more and then submit a formal complaint. However just like Press TV, as long as the Islamic Government bring in money into the UK, then no one cares what they do.

Waybec said...

P.s Potkin. "It's a badge of honour to be deported by a dictorship." Funny, I don't remember two-faced Saddam Hussein lover - George Galloway also falling out with Khamanei?

Azarmehr said...

Hidden Author

Everyone has to play to the same rules. If BBC make a documentary on Neda they have to get a Pro-Ahmadinejad voice for a balanced program, if Aljazeera English scrape teh bottom of the barrel to bring some Ahmadinejad supporters on the their programs its to comply with OFCOM broadcasting ruling. Free speech does not mean you tell viewers a lie and accuse Arash Hejazi of killing Neda. Are you sure?

Azarmehr said...


Leveretts are a joke, one day this husband and wife team work for Cheney and AIPAC and one day they work for Ahmadinejad they are America's Galloway. They advocate whoever pays them most

Stephen Gash said...

I have (supposedly) been invited for an interview on Press TV with Lauren Booth (if it is to be believed).

I will naturally decline, especially after having seen this report.

By the way, I regard the BBC as the worst broadcasting organisation bar none. We expect censorship and propaganda from Iranian backed broadcasters, but the BBC holds itself up as the paragon of impartiality.

When was the last time you saw a report about the plight of the Copts in Egypt for example?

The BBC is a bastion of censorship and lives off its early reputation for honesty. I hate the BBC as much as I do Press TV.

Winston said...

press tv is the tool and mouthpiece of a fascist regime

Sohrab said...

Dr. Milani has published a devastating retort to the Leverett's recent op-ed.

Anonymous said...

Hidden author: Do you still think Iran needs to be bombed into smitherenes??