Saturday, January 02, 2010

On BBC Radio 5

This post is for Reza Esfandiari/Yussef Bozorgmehr - Home Office advisor/out of work statistician  in Manchester - because I know he hates it when the media talk to me. Reza start complaining to BBC Radio 5 this is now the 5th time they have had me on air :)))))


Unknown said...

Yeah, I know you love talking to your friends in the BBC and the British Government.

Rezai has written a letter to Khamenei, saying that Mousavi is in full reteat after the Ashura debacle which backfired for him.

Yes, the five points are reasonable and should be implemented - but you and others have to respect the fact that Ahmadinejad was elected and that 80% of Iranians ( according to a WPO survey conducted in September) say he is their legitimate president.

OK? Can we finally have some compromise Potkin for the sake of the country?

Btw, I am not a supporter of Jannati or the Haghani circle.

Azarmehr said...


Stick your 80% poll up your arse and go back to your Home Office advisory job. No wonder the Home Office is in such a mess

Unknown said...

That's right, Potkin....ignore the evidence.....anyway, here you go:

Do you suppose the Americans are defending Ahmadinejad????

Anonymous said...

Sorry Reza, but any point you have immediately loses validity when providing PressTV as a source. Your WPO remark is borderline ridiculous. If you think an accurate and fair poll can be conducted in an atmosphere of mass-murder and intimidation then i suggest you educate yourself a little and stop sipping the regimes kool-aid!

Another valued interview Potkin, good to see the BBC utilising an informative source.

Anonymous said...

Who is this Reza Esfandiari?? Is he an agent of IRI?