Friday, January 01, 2010

Footage Showing Baseej Taking Aim and Shooting Directly at People

Footage which clearly shows the Baseej aiming and shooting at people on the bloody Ashura of last Sunday:

Also these pictures:


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Unknown said...

How do you know the man firing is a baseeji? You don't, do you?

Why? You are not in Tehran - you are in London.

Maziar Bahari has admitted that there are terrorists operating in the capital who are dressed like baseejiha.

Anyway, your Mousavi has just conceded the election.

Looks like he wants a way out.

saggezard said...

It is far more effective and safe to take higher ground offensively and defensively. That is why the monkeys' forces are on top of the bridge. Next time it would be better to be on top of the bridge while the monkeys' forces are below.
نبرد از جهت بالاتر خیلی کاری تر و کم خطرتر است. به همین دلیل نیروهای بسیج در بالای پل جمع شده. دفعه بعد از آن بهتر خواهد بود تا در بالای پل حمله یا دفاع شود در حالی که نیروهای میمون بسوی پایین کشیده شده

Anonymous said...

Reza Esfandiari, ANswer the question, what do you think of teh Supreme Leader and his son Mojtaba?

SZ said...


What are you? Judge, jury and executioner?

That guy could have been anyone shooting at the protestors! Why do you assume its a basij? For a guy who lives in the UK and claims to be a secularist democratic proponent, you sure do draw conclusions based on shitty evidence.

Its interesting when Rajavi in Paris admitted to being involved in the protests and to having agents in Iran to stir up trouble when people protest you don't mention a thing on your blog about it.

You don't even acknowledge that people like the MEK, CIA, MI6 and Mossad are in Iran right now stirring up trouble. If you deny that, you are either ignorant, or a lackey. I have a feeling you're both.

Unknown said...

I don't know much about Moji Khamenei other than he is in his father's circle of advisers.

I like Ayatollah Khamenei - he is a spiritual man and is progressive on many social and scientific issues.I think, however, his greatest weakness is that he is beholden to some clerics like Jannati and Yazdi. He doesn't have the authority of a true marja.

Azarmehr said...

Oh Yes Reza and SZ are right! Those clearly identified as shooting at the protesters are not government agents, they are MeK/MI6/BBC as usual. Funny why the Gerdab site, Iran's cyberspace intelligence unit, never displays their pictures on their website and ask their informants to identify them?!

Here is another MeK/MI6/BBC assailant wit a gun

The MeK/MI6/BBC operative in the above picture is allowed to own a metal work factory.

Reza and Shervin Zeinalizadeh, digeh ridid :)))))))))))

SZ said...


the fact is that you don't know who that is. For you to assume either way is wrong.

Anonymous said...

SZ put that cock back in your mouth and shut the fuck up.

Anonymous said...

But the ordinary citizen of the world without self-serving agenda can see the blood-stained videos, the crowds running from careening cars and out-of-control Basij, gleefully smashing heads and faces with their clubs.

The Thugs Who Lead Iran's Supreme Leader
by Gary Sick
Iran: A military Dictatorship

Neda Mehregan said...

To the idiot who doesn't accept it is the basijis and plain clothes criminals shooting and killing people, I would like to ask, how come it's never the basijis or plain clothes men who get killed? How come it's always innocent people?
There are published names of hundreds of killed and wounded; where are the names of the baisjis or lebas shakhsis who have been killed? SZ can you name a few?

SZ said...

Neda Jendeh,

Why would the basij die when the protestors don't carry guns?

Rajavi in Paris had a NEWS conference and ADMITTED that the MEK have been in Iran provoking more unrest and starting violence in order to stir up the protests even more. What is so hard to understand about that? Get it through your head! The POLICE are NOT allowed to carry guns, if they did, do you think they would be pinned in a corner like the youtube clip potkin posted earlier? Do you think that the Basij would even let these people come out if they had guns, they would not even dare to protest if the police and basij carried guns.

Stop being ignorant. Iran right now is teaming with MEK and Mossad and CIA agents and informants who are working to destabilize Iran. If you don't acknowledge that, then you are an idiot.

Get lost Neda.

SZ said...


You're the monster! Fucking idiot.