Sunday, January 24, 2010

Neda The Voice of the People


Winston said...

beautiful song...

Unknown said...

Soppy and silly. Neda is being turned into the hero and martyr she never was nor wanted to be.

Its just pure exploitation of the dead - shameless and contemptible.

Anyway, Potkin: Your friend, Karroubi the mullah ( also known as fil-e-chagh) has conceded that Ahmadinejad is the president:

The news comes from your supporters in the BBC - who else?

Azarmehr said...

Bollocks he has Reza Esfansiari/Yussef Bozorgmehr Home Office Advisor, Out of work statistician.

Fars misquoted him. I will write a post about what he actually said and how he was misquoted if I get time today.

Don't worry, Karroubi has more balls than you and yussef put together will ever have.

Unknown said...

Well, its nice to know that Potkin is friends with one of the most corrupt figures in Iranian politics - Mehdi Karroubi. Such is the level of his corruption that he even admitted accepting a $300,000 "loan" in the televised debate with Ahmadinejad.

Potkin: Come down off the fence. You can't pick and choose mullahs. Are you with the Islamic Republic or against it?