Sunday, January 03, 2010

The Voice of Pure Evil

This footage should be watched by the whole world to see the dark evil forces that will stand by the regime to the end and the violence they are threatening to unleash against the noble people of Iran by instructing their lackeys to carry out the extra judicial killings needed.

'Do not look at the Supreme Leader's turban and think its a soft target for you to head butt against, behind this is the Hidden Imam, there is steel behind this turban, your own skull will be smashed...Their popular support will be reduced to zero, the judiciary will arrest their leaders and be sure that nothing will happen, I want to give you an example, Moussa Khiabani [an MeK leader in the eighties] was arrested, all the walls in all small and large cities was blackened by the slogans of Moussa Khiabani must be freed. No one harmed him, he was arrested purely because he was caught with evidence which showed him working with the Russians. They [MeK] had such a status that we couldn't do anything to even one of them, they staged a rally and killed people Moussavi Tabrizi was the prosecutor, he arrested them in the morning and by night the Radios announced 30 of them had been killed, and nothing happened. You know why? Because people realised the more of these lot killed the more the people would benefit, the more the law enforcement forces kill these people the more it is to your benefit, Its time to arrest them, to detain them, yes to all such actions, do not make your enemy look like victims...He who has become the Supreme Leader by obeying God and his messenger does not need to remain in power by security forces, in other places rulers need security forces etc. to maintain their power but here this is not needed, the people are his forces, they will do it themselves'

The cleric also seems to be suffering from acute alzheimer's disease. Moussa Khiabani, the MeK leader, the cleric refers to and Khiabani's comrades were not arrested, they were killed in a gun fight after their safe house was discovered. The MeK member he refers to, I think was Sa'adati, who was arrested shortly after the revolution charged with spying for the Soviets but he was not executed until later because the large popular support the MeK enjoyed at the time.

I wonder which one of the causes for forgetfulness has engulfed the red haired dinosaur?  See:


Sohrab said...

I'm pretty sure this motherfucker has a sexual fetish for eating mice droppings.

Waybec said...

Well it's good these cranky and dusty old tyrants rattle off their murderous drival on film. At least it's evidence when Khamanei and his 'Dark Mullah' death squads all stand in the Dock no doubt then all cowardly accusing each other of their cheating and barbaric crmes.