Sunday, January 10, 2010

They Killed Their Children, Now They Detain the Mothers

After the killing of Neda and Sohrab by government forces during the summer protests, the bereaved mothers of those killed have been staging silent peaceful protests at the Laleh Park on a daily basis. Yesterday, security forces attacked the mothers and took them to the Vozara detention centre.

An eyewitness described yesterday’s event as the following:
“I was in Laleh Park today around 4 p.m. More than a hundred police and plain clothes agents had occupied the park and its perimeter. They would not allow anyone to even sit on the benches or congregate. Every Saturday, the Mourning Mothers and their supporters gather in the Park. Today after about 70 mothers had entered the park, security forces engaged them and started chasing them, grabbing them, and forcing them into police vans. They used a lot of violence and insults in the process. One of the mothers who is 75 years old has been taken to a hospital.”

What kind of a savage ideology or culture would permit such a thing? First they kill their children, then their refuse to allow them to hold proper funerals, then they brutally arrest the mothers and detain them. Next I assume, in a few months time, Press TV will show a documentary that the bereaving mothers were actually attacked by the BBC/MeK/CIA/MI6 to tarnish the image of this vicious messianic junta and there will still be some useful idiots who fall for it!


Kaveh Binesh said...

You know, this Islamic regime never even tries to show any real evidence of MEK/MI6... involvements, or any other incredible claim they make and they usually forgets about them in favour of more stupid conspiracy theories. E.g. Neda, since her death they have made dozens of idiotic and surprisingly unrelated claims. These warping of the truth remind me of days before the revolution when Mr Azhari the last prime minister of Shah claimed that no protests were taking place and the small fringe groups were placing tapes on the rooftops of the houses to fake a demonstration.

Rostam Farrokhzad said...

Its important to cataloge the crimes of the regime and you are doing a great job of this Azarmehr but stop giving so much prominence to useful idiots and their trash talk. Idiots like Galloway and the entire staff at the BBC, The Independent and Guardian newspapers are nothing more than mouth pieces for the vicious fascist Islamic Republic. They will always support this filthy regime no matter what it does because its pays for them to do so - either by getting paid directly or by pandering to their audience of anti-democratic fascist readers posing as Left wing liberals.

So stop giving them prominence and just catalogue the crimes of these akhounds. Even the bache mollahs can no longer deny the criminality of the regime they benefit from.

Winston said...

The Mullahs are falling apart

Anonymous said...

SK is a pig and he is a traitor to his people. Once the dictators fall and a democratic republic is established once more people like the dog SK, will come saying "I was always in support of you!".

He is a coward and the spawn of baboons and pigs.