Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What Karroubi Really Said

Fars News is also commonly known as False News amongst Iranian ex pats who speak English. Yesterday this pro-Ahamdienjad so called news agency reported that Mehdi Karroubi had finally recognised Ahmadienjad as the legitimate president of Iran. Sadly some non-Iranian news agencies quickly jumped on the bandwagon and without doing their homework properly concluded that Karroubi had finally compromised.  But what really happened?

Karroubi was approached while leaving a gathering by some pro-Ahmadienjad reporters and this is how he replied to a question by a hardliner named Abu Torabi 'I believe there was widespread cheating and vote rigging in the last elections and since Mr. Khameneii - Karroubi doesn't even say the Supreme Leader - had ordained Ahmadinejad, the current government is now the de facto government in power and is therefore responsible for its actions and should be held accountable by the people'.

Karroubi does  not even use the word president when he refers to Ahamdinejad, since he also considers the elections were fraudulent he can not possibly recognise this government as legitimate either. In fact he is directly pointing the finger at Khameneii saying he has ordained a man who has won through a fraudulent process.

If anyone still has any doubts as to how to interpret Karroubi's remarks perhaps his further statements today will clarify the situation:

"The more we go ahead, the more I'm convinced the election was massively rigged. I get new information every day, and it is regrettable to see certain officials tampered with people's votes in this way" Today's Saham News.

Later Karroubi said to his supporters "I say it firmly that I'll never compromise on the nation's rights, notably the votes they cast in the ballot boxes. I'll stand by the people up to the end and I'll try my best to remove the hurdles to a free and fair election." 

And even if all the above is still not enough to convince the doubters, how about what Karroubi further said to AbuTorabi:
"The situation has gone past where is my vote? at least four youngsters have been martyred in Kahrizak prison. Under the Shah when we were in prison if an armed guerrilla, whose goal was obviously the overthrow of the Shah, was caught, he would be tortured but afterwards he would be taken to hospital and treated, but now they torture the detainees so much they die under torture. Open your eyes and see what they are doing to people. We haven't asked people to come on the streets, they have come on the streets by their own decision not by me Mehdi Karroubi, try to realise this "

Moussavi's wife, Zahra Rahnavard pre-empted the possibility of a further imminent slur by explicitly saying 'neither do we recognise Ahmadinejad's government as legitimate nor will we compromise'

So now the last question. Why all these attempts to make out the leaders of the Green Movement inside Iran have compromised. The answer is straight forward. The regime is dead scared of further protests and unrest on the anniversary of the revolution in two weeks time. By spreading such lies the regime is attempting to divide the movement and discourage the people. Those zealot cyber activists outside Iran active only on the social media with their avatars and pseudo names should not fall for such ploys. To bring about a democratic government in Iran, we need to maintain this broad front and cyber bravado will not be enough to bring about change.


Waybec said...

Thanks for clarifying that. Compromising princibles is the worst kind of character trait and I'm glad Karroubi hasn't. Leave that to Ahmandinejad who also exhibits that other worst kind of character trait. Fawning Cowardish and deliberate ignorance. Sounds like Karroubi is now firmly pointing the finger at Khamanei - who now carries the look of a murderous found out cheat - just like all the miscreants of this Dark Mullah regime now do... Now wonder they're all scared. They know the future pages of history have already been written to put them firmly on the wrong side of it... Fear now just rules the Khamanei camp. So let's hope The cracks of making friends of theives and thugs soon turns the knives upon each other soon, before the people do...

saggezard said...

IRI is wounded and is trying to sabotage the movement and crack people's faith in what they have achieved in the past seven months. Power to the people.

Kate said...

thanks loads for this - there were so many translations and counter translations flying around twitter that it was hard to know what he really did say.

By any chance - do you know if there is going to be an Iranian representative at the 'Afghanistan' conference in London this week?