Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Contact Ban for 60 Organisations

I was going through the list of 60 organisations that the regime in Iran has banned any contact with. One of them is Human Rights Watch who have been guests of Andrew Gilligan's Forum program on Press TV. So what should happen to Andrew Gilligan now? Will he be put on show trials in Iran? Will the Press TV producers and editors that asked Human Rights Watch representatives to appear on Press TV programs be punished now?

MOST LIKELY NOT. As always there is one rule for Iranians facing the harsh realities inside Iran and one for the international display shop front window for the young impressionable English speaking Muslims and useful idiots around the world. When will the likes of Gilligan end their treachery to basic human values? When will OFCOM wake up?


Waybec said...

Good point. It's like George Galloway. You may be surprised to know Potkin that I do think he has made some good valid points against Western policy and corporate greed in this world. However you can't denounce capitalism and imperialism from the point of view of a religious or idealogical tyranny... Each just fuel the other.... So on the purest and highest moral ground, poor ol' George always falls at the final fence by gaining capital out of a tyranny! If I was an MP and no one else wanted to air my views, I certainly wouldn't allow my moral compass to take up a platform on PressTV. It just smacks of hypocrisy and a complete travesty to the 'mighty moral crusader' or 'Jihadist' that George always like's to loudly paint himself to be! 'Respect party?' Ha... Maybe if he had the guts to speak out against the innocent skulls or necks either being cracked or hang in Iran then maybe he'll get some! Funny how George can also be gagged and one-sided when it comes to getting a little bit of extra money? Yes, he rightly complains about Israeli War crimes and Murdoch's cartel of media distortion. But where's the equally objective outrage and outcry against Khamanei? Huh, you think that after sucking up to the likes of Saddam Hussein - any good and truly decent man would've learnt his lesson? But no... There's something seedy and unsavoury still going on... If Oscar Wilde were alive today, I'm sure he'd have something suitably a pithy to shamefully immortalise his charade!

Sohrab said...

Reminds of the movie "Z" by Costa Gavras about the right wing coup in Greece...

"The military regime banned
long hair,
Russian-style toasts,
freedom of the press,
modern music,
pop music,
new math,
and the letter 'Z' which means 'he is alive' in ancient Greek."

Anonymous said...

lol, good point.

The regime despots once again exploit these idiotic lefties abroad as & when it suits them. One has to wonder how much money is exchanged to get these idiots on PressTV, considering their agenda proclaims to be the absolute antithesis to that of Press TV and the regimes.

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.