Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mossadegh was a Kaffir

I have often got into hysteric laughters when bourgeois lefties like CASMII's "Political Scientist", Comical Ali Fathollah-Nejad who have tried to legitimise the Islamic Republic as some kind of a popular anti-imperialist regime mention Mossadegh left right and centre in their comical speeches forgetting to tell their audiences of 'useful idiots' that the clerics were in fact the ones that led and organised the revolt against Mossadegh. The likes of comical Ali Fathollah-Nejad make it sound like Mossadegh is the icon of the Islamic Republic rulers. If you click on the CASMII link for Fathollah-Nejad, you see the picture of the nationalist Iranian leader, Mohammad Mossadegh.

Well here is a recent reminder of what the Islamic Republic elite really think of Mossadegh as shown on state TV. Mossadegh is in fact a renegade Kaffir who deserves eternal damnation according to this learned man on Iranian state TV :)

Comical Ali Fathollah-Nejad and his gang of Socialist Workers Party cohorts will be at

Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church
235 Shaftesbury Avenue, LONDON

Wednesday 3rd February 7:30pm

lecturing more useful idiots as what the 'revolutionary road' ahead in Iran should be. No matter how many times these idiots have egg on their faces they carry on with lecturing some fools. After all they are Iran experts and political scientists   :)))))


Babak said...

"Emam migan emam migam emam migan"..

Be nazare man emam G... khordan harchi ke migan :)

Sohrab said...

The only reason they abuse mossadeq's memory is to gain sympathy from the uninformed and misguided segments of the western left.

Arash said...

Look at how they denigrate Baqer Khan.


Scum, the lot of them.


Arash said...

Potkin, do you have any more information about this event, e.g. a webpage or something?



Renee said...

The speaker in the clip doesn't say that Khomeini called Mossadeq a 'renegade kaffir destined for hell'. All he said was that he "wasn't a Muslim." Theologically there is a world of difference.

However, Khomeini was not God and could not gauge the level of Mossadeq's belief (imaan) or submission (islam). Which makes the whole issue redundant. However, you misrepresented what was actually said and that is reprehensible.

Azarmehr said...



As usual they will not allow any comments they don't like. Judging by the fact that they have had no comments I think all the comments have been against them. They also have a facebook invitation event

Arash said...

Cheers Potkin


Sohrab said...

Wow thanks for the insightful and nuanced analysis of the difference between a non-Muslim and a kaffir, Renee. Thanks also for completely ignoring the gist of this ignoramus's argument, which was to smear a national hero. He would be proud of you.