Sunday, August 23, 2009

Anti Kremlin Posters on Russian Airlines and Consulate

Staff and visitors to Russian Consulate, Aeroflot and Rossyan airlines may be surprised tomorrow when they see various posters condemning Kremlin's support for Ahmadinejad's rapist thugs in Iran stuck on their office doors, windows and consulate notice board.

There will be another demo outside the Russian embassy in London on Fri 28th August, between 6-8 pm


Winston said...

Send me these posters or email them to me. I will print them and post them around the Ruskie businesses around here.

SZ said...


I hope you get arrested doing that! hahahahaha..fucking timid loser.

Winston said...

SZ, I don't know why Azarmehr publishes comments from low IQ neanderthals like you here. But seriously dude I don't have the time or energy to argue with you or respond to your offensive language. Pick fights with someone else or flush your head in the toilet sink. Do something productive for Ahmadinejad's sake. Like what is this achieving here for you and your beliefs? Do you enjoy commenting like a moron here or on my blog and get whacked all the time? Really, get a life plz.

اخه پدرجان چی عایدت میشه از این همه تهمت و فحش و ناسزا به مردم. اگر مشکل عصبی داری برو پیش دکتر روانپزشک

Winston said...

And SZ the idiot, by the way... we live in democracies in UK, Canada or US for that matter. No one is gonna arrest a citizen for voicing his opinion here or there. People get arrested or raped or killed for doing so in your Islamic Republic. So, don't you fret it. I won't be arrested. I have constitutional rights to voice my opinions and they're protected under the law. So, get a life or a lesson or two in geography, civilization and government or law. Get a life i'd say!

SZ said...


hahahahahha...actually, potkin is not so bad, he at least allows different voices to be heard on his blog. that is a true sign of a tolerant democrat.

You on the other hand, you don't argue anything, you have nothing but hateful vitriolic comments directed at Iran, and anyone else who disagrees with you. I have never read any works of yours that are actually objective, you are a racist, fascist idiot.

And for the record idiot, my comments here have shut up a lot of people who didn't know what iran is really about and like because of idiots like you. you are the definition of a timid scared person. Post your real name "winston"...hahahaha..

Azarmehr said...

Sasan Zer zeroo

You haven't shut anyone up, you have only shown the poverty of your arguments and how stupid you are. You think because you can live in Iran you are right. How absurd, of course if you bow your head and say Yes Sir to Ahamdienjad and Supreme Leader you can live in Iran, so what? but you are so scared you wont reveal who you are or what your business is because for sure people inside Iran would boycott your business.

SZ said...

Pol Pot,

What the hell!!! now you want me to reveal all my personal information?

Why don't you ask winston to reveal his name, what he does, his job, where he lives and everything else about him.

Why don't you reveal what you do for a living, where you live, what your business is?

For you to ask for my personal information, has nothing to do with our different beliefs. I never once asked where the hell you work or what you do, i could care less.

Stop dodging the arguments I make, and stop asking for personal information when you can't retort to any of my arguments.

Azarmehr said...

Winston is justified to be worried but you are pro-Ahmadinejad, its not as if the IR intelligence are going to come after you?! You are only scared because you know if people of Iran find out who you are they will boycott your business and isolate you in the society.

btw, I am a business intelligence consultant and I live in London.

You dont have any valid arguments. Iran has been taken over by a pro-Russian corrupt few who will do any crimes against the people to stay in power and look after each other. The external threat argument you used is always used by all tyrants, and the best defence against external threat is to have a popular democratic government that is accountable to people and respects their individual rights. That is the best defence against external threat.

SZ said...


Iran's government is more accountable than most in the Middle East. The reason there are external threats is because Iran is not a client state like Egypt and the like. That is why there are external threats to begin with. I believe a multipolar world is better than a unipolar world. And for the last time, Iran is not a totalitarian state, Iran has valid elections and a parliament, local elections, and different elected bodies that constitute the government. When Khatami won, or when Karroubi won in parliament, nobody claimed fraud then, but they want to claim it now because their candidate lost? Thats not right.

We want to be independent and exert our own regional hegemony, whereas other countries in the Middle East have accepted US hegemony, or Israeli hegemony. That is the primary reason we have enemies abroad.

If you must know, I am a project manager for a major international Oil company. Our company is based out of Houston Tx, and does plenty of business in Iran. I live in Tehran half the year or in Abadan, and the other half I am in Houston.

But for you to say winston has something to fear is complete BS. You just told me what you do for a living, and where you live. Are you in any less danger than Winston? I don't think so, Winston is just timid to use your words, he is a typical blogger, curses at the establishment, but wishes to remain anonymous. If he had any balls, he would say his real name, his occupation and where in Canada he really lives.

Azarmehr said...


Why do you compare Iran with other countries in the region? We have had three revolutions in the last 100 years we deserve to have democracy and freedom of speech. Even so I would argue that Iran is less accountable than Turkey or Israel which are in the region. Its funny how comparing Iran with the more backward countries under the Shah never took place but now its very popular.

How can you say there is accountability in Iran when against all legislation, that government contracts over $4M should go to tender, the revolutionary guards win multi-billion dollar contracts without even having to go to tender?

Or as Moussavi said during his election campaign 'I am not saying where the $270 Billion oil income was spent on good or bad projects, I am simply asking what was it spent on?'

What accountability are you talking about? Our people deserve to be the most prosperous people in the region but a few want to remain in power and run everything without having to answer back with their own family members and cronies and they are helped by people like you.

You want to know about external threat? Under the Shah we were under real external threat from the Soviet Union to our North and Saddam's repeated incursions from the West. External threats do not justify dictatorship and rape of protesters, the strongest defence against external threats is democracy and an accountable government.

SZ said...

Potkin, you have your opinion, but I will disagree and tell you why.

I think Iran is just as accountable as Turkey, they have had many internal power struggles as well, and overall, I would say they are pretty well accountable with their elections and change of power internally without killing. Don't even compare Iran to Israel. Israel is a client state, they do whatever the United States asks them to do. They receive huge amounts of money and funding from the United States. Not to mention, they have been occupying palestinian land for decades and have had no accountability in the UN for their actions. So I reject your argument that Israel is more accountable than Iran. Turkey, I think we can both pretty much agree, its a close call either way. And for the record, under the Shah, Iran was NOT accountable at all! it was a DICTATORSHIP, or a MONARCHY as you like to call it. The Shah was a tyrant who at the same time was a client of the US.

Listen, for the last time, I never said that Iran doesn't have it share of corruption. Corruption is going to be inherent when you have people in power and others who aren't in power. Every country in the world has levels of corruption. Just like any other Iranian here at home, if there has been corruption, we can vote people in and out of the Majlis, or we can vote for a different president next time around. But for you to argue that Iran's government is evil just because there is corruption is not accurate. Corruption is everywhere.

Again, I agreed with Mousavi that certain income in iran was not spent the correct way, fine, agreed, but does that mean I want a secular western style democracy that is a client state of the United States or Europe? NO. I would rather work on reforming our existing system and weeding out corruption.

"What accountability are you talking about? Our people deserve to be the most prosperous people in the region but a few want to remain in power and run everything without having to answer back with their own family members and cronies and they are helped by people like you."

I am talking about elections in Iran for the parliament, for local offices, for mayor, for city councils, for any other elected officials. Those are crucial elections. The president is not the end all and be all of Iranian politics. There is accountability in Iran. Is it as much as there is in the UK, no, it isn't. But thats how our system works, and we have to work at reforming it.

Um, excuse me, under the Shah, we were a client state with the mightiest military in the region because of our client state status. We were a tool for the United States in maintaining regional dominance. The Russians threatened us because we were a client state. Saddam attacked us because the US prodded him to attack us after the revolution. Iran was a WEAK CLIENT state under the Shah. we were like slaves living in our own country. Seriously, you want Iran to go back to how it was under the Shah??? A timid client state with no independent foreign policy who is dependent on foreign money and aid to maintain its dominance in the region? Not to mention the SAVAK holding down the people?? I am sorry, but if you want Iran to go back to a regime like the Shah, or even to become a western secular democracy, then you have many enemies in Iran. Iranians don't want a western style system, because we aren't WESTERN. We want to determine our own system.

And the reason we are under threat today, is exactly because we wish to exert our regional ambitions, and because we wish to exert our independence with regards to the nuclear issue, or with regards to foreign policy. No thanks, potkin, I am sorry, but you are in the minority when it comes to iran. I respect the fact you want secularism for our people, but if the best way to accomplish secularism and peace, is to be a client state, then no thanks, we prefer to be the way we are now. And if you ever come back to Iran, you would be surprised at how many people agree with what I say. no thanks

Azarmehr said...

Good God! How misguided you are SZ and where can one begin with you?

This is your warped logic secularism = client state how??

So Soviet Union was a threat because the Shah was a client state otherwise they would be our best friends would they?? How about when they tried to annex Azerbijan? was Iran a client state then?

re Saddam I was talking about his incursions into Iran during the Shah, surely you cant say at the time Saddam was a US stooge!

Of course none of us wants Iran to be a client state but you have swapped one client for another. Look at how we have been deprived of our rights in the Caspian Sea.

What happens when Russia kills 10% of teh Chehchen Muslism does your beloved IR utter a word against Russia?

One pregnant woman is tragically killed by a Russian Nazi in Germany and you dont even hear AN's government say teh killer was Russian.

And as for the Shah being a tyrant and SAVAK etc. here is something I poicked up on a Persian blog, perhaps it will be food for thought for you:

'Our fathers went on the streets and chanted 'Death to the Shah' and they were gunned down. All we said was 'Where is our vote?' and backed a candidate that you pre-approved for us, and you gunned us down, imprisoned, tortured and raped us. What on earth would you have done to us if we shouted Death to Islamic Republic?'
That is the difference in tyranny. You can not even begin to compare the two. Ask any political prisoner who has been a prisoner in both systems and tehy will tell you the Shah's prisons were like a hotel compared to the dungeons of these lot.

And you keep talking about the election of Majles, councils etc. wake up!! People can only vote for those that teh Guardian Council approves. Tell me why a war veteran like Akbar Alami who was elected by teh people of Tabriz, is not now approved? Is Alami a US agent or Hamid Molana who was a buddy of Prince Mahmood Reza Pahlavi and owes everything he has to the US scholarship he received at teh age of 19?

Wake up! This is one of teh darkest nights in Iran's history and you seem to be happy pretending you don't see the tragedy that is falling on your country. If you are even Iranian, we still don't know what your name is

SZ said...

You know, its interesting people with your viewpoints do everything they can to glorify the Shah, and vilify the current Iranian government which ironically has the kind of support the Shah can only dream of.

You talk about the Soviet Union trying to annex azerbaijan? The soviet union? That was a long time ago, azerbaijan has been independent for 20 years now, and the soviet Union is dissolved, what are you trying to say? That the Russians are not Iran's friend? I never said the Russians were our friends. What the hell are you talking about?

And Saddam's incursions into Iranian Territory were settled with the Shah with a treaty in the 70's. Saddam became a stooge around the time the Shah was overthrown. He had the support of the United States and Europe when he attacked Iran. How can you even begin to defend the Shah and Saddam.

And you talk about us being deprived of "our right" in the Caspian Sea....please explain that further, because you seem to think our current government is such a weak government that it can't defend Iranian rights, but at the same time you defend the Shah. also talk about Russia killing chechens in RUSSIA and wonder why Iran won't say about because its an INTERNAL matter. Did you see Russia make comments about Iran's election turmoil, did you see any other southeast Asian country making comments about Cechnya? Its an INTERNAL RUSSIAN MATTER, its not our business.

You just said a Russian Nazi? Do you know how stupid you sound? first off, the guy was a GERMAN CITIZEN, he was of RUSSIAN decent, which doesn't mean he was russian. Its like saying Obama is a kenyan, and not an american. The guy has lived in Germany his whole life, he is a lunatic, and you go blame that on Russia? Also, you say the Iran didn't say the killer was Russian?? You are correct, he is GERMAN! and the Iranian government did speak out against Germany just like other muslim nations like Egypt.

And I honestly can't believe you are the kind of person that would support the Shah and his SAVAK? show your true colors, you are a royalist, someone who would welcome the Shah back to Iran to rule over our land again.


SZ said...

So you go on some blog, which is problably a Shah supporter blog, you don't even list the site..but let's roll with it, You find some blog, where the guy says that he would rather be in the Shah's dungeon, rather than be living under our current government. Its amazing the lengths you will go to to vilify our government. Do you realize that the people that rallied for Mousavi were maybe 1 million strong in Tehran. How about the other 68 million people? do they not count?

You are saying that the Shah's SAVAK was less brutal than what we have now...hmm, interesting, what's next, the Shah's bullets were less damaging than our government? or let me guess, under the Shah, we were better off right??

You other point about People in iran being only able to vote for people that are approved by the Guardian what? Our democracy is the way it is because we designed it that way.

Do people in Egypt, or Syria, or Jordan, or UAE, or Saudi, or Kuwait even get to fucking vote? Seriously, you keep on faulting Iran for not having the kind of elections that YOU want them to have. You and every other dissident wants iran to be like the west, and to function like the west. IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN, because we are NOT the west, we are Iran, and our history, and our future is not going to be a secular democracy like they have in the UK, or in the US. Its just not us. That doesn't mean that we are oppressed or deprived, it just means we are different. the sooner you realize that, the sooner you can actually make a difference in Iran, and not be obsolete like you are now.

And for the record, the darkest night in our history was when the Shah and his stooge family and government were leading our country like the despots they were. The day we overthrew the shah was the happiest day in iran's history. Our government may not be perfect, but at the very least, we are not a client state, and we determine our own system and fate.

And I am very much Iranian, born in Tehran, father from Mazandaran, mother from Abadan. I live in Tehran half the year, and sometimes more. I am more iranian than you are or ever will be. you haven't been back to MY country in 30 years, and you curse it everyday from a distance.

Azarmehr said...


I know who you are now from the idiotic logic of your arguments I can categorically say, you are none other than Shervin Zeinalizadeh who appeared on ALjazeera defending Ahmadienjad.. Your mother is Irish and you used to play for Saeed's team where people thought you were the team idiot :)))))))

Azarmehr said...

Shervin Zeinalizadeh

What do you mean we designed it and we overthrew the Shah? You weren't even alive then. I am sure your family were loyalists close to the court.

The people who took part in teh revolution like Akbar Alami,like Behzad Nabavi like Zahra Bani-Yaghoub's parents like millions of others are now the very opposition to the Russian lackey Ahmadinejad.

SZ said...

Pol Pot,

I am not whoever you think I am. You are one fucking idiot if you think you can tell who I am just because my initials match some other guy.

Notice, you didn't refute any argument I made, you just simply "exposed" who I am...hahahaha...its funny, because you can't refute the arguments, you just shy away from them.

And for the last time, you don't need to know a person to have a discussion with them. You try and group people into categories rather than looking at them as people.

Keep up your blog, I will happily post here and discuss issues with you, but know that you and your fellow dissidents are irrelevant in Iran, and thats what matters the most.

ps. I have never been on Aljazeera! fucking hilarious!

Azarmehr said...

Shervin Zeinalizadeh

Its not just your initials, your arguments and your warped logic and your use of words is exactly the same as Shervin's, unelss you are all taught at the same school.

What do you want me to refute? the crap you come out with like I am a monarchist because I quoted ex political prisoners who have been prisoners under the Shah and this regime and how they compare the two?
When did the Shah's SAVAK rape 15 year old boys because they took part in a demonstration? Have you no shame?

You think I have time to get involved in such silly arguments? That 10% of Chechnya's population being killed by Russians is an internal matter but an Egyptian woman being killed by a Nazi is one that Iran should interfere in?
By teh way German Nazi parties have congratulated your beloved Ahmadinejad, you know about that right?